1. WFAS Orijinal Keyimi Kabul Etmiyor

    Steam bilgisayarımı kastırdığı için Taleworlds'ün kendi sitesinden wfas indirdim. Steam'daki keyimi girince ise aktivasyon başarısız diyor. Keyimi kontrol ederek giriyorum ama yine hata alıyorum. Geçersiz, kafadan uydurulmuş bir key olunca "Geçersiz Anahtar!" tarzı bir şey söylüyor ama bende...
  2. Holy Shift

    Let Us Change Block Direction by Holding and Dragging

    instead of releasing and clicking again via an option.
  3. Tsewe

    We need a Taunt Key!

    Some Warband Mods had taunt keys, which was GREAT. It became quite essential without me noticing it... And now finally we're playing Bannerlord but... there's no taunt key! We can't yell "I'll drink from your skull!" nor bash our own shields and yell "AAaaaaeeehhhHH!" Feels amazing. Come one...
  4. FLepi (Caner)

    Bannerlord Raffle/Cekilis

    Selamlar Kalradya Savaşçıları! NRP ekibi olarak Aramızdan 2 Kişiye Bannerlord Hediye Ediyoruz. Sadece verilen gruba katılmanız yeterlidir GRUP: Greetings Warriors of Calradia! As the NRP team We Gift Bannerlord to 2 of us. You just need to join the...
  5. Unresolved Key activacion

    Hi, I bought the DLC vikings game 10 minutes ago, I have the warband activated along with the fire and sword and the code that came to me does not work. I would appreciate your help, Long live the Kingdom of Sweden

    (TITLE) (Warning: Bad english below) I and my friends have different keys. We already checked on Regedit and Steam. Server doesn't show up on Official Server List too. We doesnt use Hamachi or something like that but I already tried that :/ Dedicated Server or Directly hosting happens the same...
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