1. fHood

    WB Other How do I fully hide the HUD,interface and texts?

    Hey guys, I wanted to fully hide the entire interface and texts, i have turnoff everything i saw in options plus got the Minimal Hud mod ( ) , but I still see quite some information on screen. I wanted to...
  2. Resolved HUD disappear when merging groups

    Reproduce: Merge Transfer a group into another group O/S: Win10 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB GPU driver: 457.51 CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600 stock RAM: 16GB (g.skill 3200) Mobo: MSI x570 Unify Storage: 256GB NVMe, 512GB NVMe (gameinstall)
  3. Explanation on factors towards influence, morale, etc.

    I recently noticed I had the influence factor "Trial by Jury". Apparently I recently did something criminal and had no idea. I am now receiving -1 influence per day for this. I am a vassal and the Southern Empire recently enacted "Sacred Majesty" policy which also gives -1 influence. I...
  4. Suggestion: Make GUI Panel Significantly Smaller.

    As the title implies, I feel like the info panels in the game (while traversing the world) are way too big (such as when visiting a village). This is particularly noticeable when in a joint-army. Not only is my camera locked (which is a tad ludicrous in itself), but I also have this big ass...
  5. steffenbk1

    toggle off battle bar on the top screen?

    i find the battle bar to be quite useless, and dont see any relevant information it gives and why isnt the a toggle button to remove it?
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