1. Warband Sword placement.

    I need help, I was playing the Gekokujo mod, and I don't like how a katana is placed on my character, so I was wondering, how can I make a curve sword and it's scabbard face downwards with it's end pointing down instead of upwards. How can I make it be abit higher up my hips as well.
  2. Needing help for gekokujo

    Hello, I have been playing Gekokujo for quite a few days and have been reading post of other people that played the mod I have been having the same problem as some other people, my progress is so slow with my army force of 83. I tried to attack the Great Lord of the Ryuzoji clan and have failed...
  3. S

    Shokuhō Taleworlds Community

    Work in progress.
  4. Gekokujo mod

    Hi guy Please help me, i am playing this amazing mod - Gekokujo, but i think it need some fix, please help me, 1. How to make cavalry take more slot, default is 1, the mod provide other option : 2 slot, but it for whole samura (cavalry and infantry), i wanna make it 3 slot 2. How to modify enemy...
  5. JabdiMelborn

    WB MP Altro [WB] "Gekokujo multiplayer" in lavorazione

    ...Se vi piace l'ambientazione giapponese, questo utente sta cercando di esportare in multiplayer la mod Gekokujo... ...nel caso foste interessati a provarla fateglielo sapere:... ciauz^^, Jab
  6. NicoleUK

    Gekokujo - trying to add stuff messes up the village icons - please help!

    So im modding Gekokujo and things seem to be compiling and building ok but even if i add the simplest of things i get the same error/bug in game - i get a red error message saying'failed to get mesh for town map 2' and all the icons for the villages revert back to native... is there a way to...
  7. NicoleUK

    Races, Firearms Melee, Voice Orders

    Hey guys ? Im making a personal mod using 'gekokujo' as base (im making a mod about the boshin war era so this mod is the perfect base, just need to modernize it) I have a few questions (and yes iv tried looking in the forums for answers but there really isnt anything) if anyone has the...
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