1. Gundabad

    Nvidia game filters for Bannerlord?

    Hi guys, Since Bannerlord is supported in the Geforce Experience, I imagined it would also support the built-in game filters and camera functions etc you get by pressing alt+F3, but for me it only says: "game not supported, bla bla". Any Nvidia users out there who are able to use the built-in...
  2. GeForce NOW (Epic Games Store)

    Too many players bought the game by epic games in a really short time and too many of them are waiting to be able to play them via GeForce NOW. You would make too many of us happy if you could support this. Otherwise they may think about refunding just because they can't play.
  3. GeForce Now Players

    GeForce Now Players

    The group is dedicated to bring together a community of players sharing the same gaming platform. Since cloud gaming is fairly new, membres can share their questions and comments on their experience, and help new adopters. It also aims at providing feedback from the GFN gamer community.
  4. narter485

    Resolved Geforce Now Sorunu Modla Alakalı Değil

    Oyunu geforce now üzerinden oynuyorum. Normalde oyunu geforce nowda bannerlorda tıklayınca direk açılıyordu. Ama şuan bu şekilde açınca steam uygulaması acılıyor. Oyun yüklü olmadığı için indirme yapması gerekiyor bi 15 dakika bekliyorum indirme tam bitince sanki oyun kapatılmıs gibi bannerlord...
  5. jericho246

    Please add controller support & Steam Cloud save support ASAP. It's needed for GeForce NOW Players.

    So the game is on GeForce NOW. That's great. But most people using GFN are using CONTROLLERS! And controllers are not supported in this game. Please make it happen TaleWorlds. I want to play this god damn game from my couch with my controller! I gave the game a positive review so please consider...
  6. luz1

    GeForceNOW - Bannerlord Desteği

    Oyun çıkmadan bir gün önce Bannerlord'un, GeForceNOW üzerinden oynanabileceği belirtilmişti. Oyunu bugün aldım fakat GeForceNOW'ın şu anlık desteklemediğini gördüm. Tahminen ne zaman GeForceNOW üzerinden oynanabilecek duruma gelir? Şimdiden yardımcı olan arkadaşlara ve modlara teşekkür ederim...
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