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game mode

  1. Bloc

    Tablut/Tafl - Game Mode Suggestion

    Hello everyone, Today I had some time so I prepared something as a suggestion. I would like to suggest a game mode for Bannerlord. This is heavily inspired by Tafl Games as well as this old thread Why? Because I think it sounds fun and would be fun to play that game mode. And since Bannerlord...
  2. AxiosXiphos

    [MP Game Mode] - Generals Mode

    Hello there! This is a suggestion thread to discuss the idea of a primarily 1v1 matchmaking game mode where players lead full armies of bots into MP battles! This is how I see it working, if you like the idea please feel free to drop a +1 or a comment below; GENERALS MODE BRIEF Game would...
  3. 1:st / first person only battle/siege game mode/server

    Hello, There are a lot of things I would like to suggest, but one of them is simply a game mode, be it battle or siege (hopefully both), where players are locked into playing in 1:st person mode. Would be mad fun and create a new atmosphere. Would create a different kind of gameplay. Thanks...
  4. kreamy

    BATTLE CAMPAIGN 'Warpath' (GAMEMODE) WIP - Add suggestions

    Note: This is a WIP ->quote any part in suggestions and I will add it to the final version. Read the bold for main ideas, the non-bold are smaller details. My idea is under the spoiler, finally when we have many good suggestions/feedback, I will format the entire thing in a more ordered and...
  5. kreamy

    KING OF THE HILL : Multiplayer (2 Gamemodes)

    You know you want it. Ideally new maps will be created for this. Game mode 1A (players only) -> Ideal application Key elements: 1. A hill with some minor fortifications (or in the maps currently) 2. a flag of choice, to capture 3. 3 teams, 3 factions. or civil war, 3 teams 1 faction. 4. hold...
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