1. five bucks

    Future Plans post 2 from Taleworlds

    1 year ago, Taleworlds made a Future Plans post, which told us some of the features they wanted to include in the game, and an estimated release date of Q2 2022. We're now in Q3 2022. The release date was missed again. The planned features are only half done. There's been no patch for nearly 2...
  2. So what's the plan, exactly?

    Probably the 100th post of its kind, but here goes anyway. The way I see it, Bannerlord has broadly two aspects to its gameplay. The first is the systemic sandbox portion that you mainly interact with via the overworld map, NPC dialogue, settlement capturing/village and caravan raiding, and...
  3. Developer communication request - weekly short dev diaries

    Dear Taleworlds team! I would like to ask you the following: weekly short dev diaries As a gamer and mod developer I'd like to see constant, weekly, small dev diaries about upcoming features with pictures so I can always look forward for things to come, see the game's progression direction and...
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