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fire arrow

  1. Yagababa

    OSP Code Combat Soulfire Arrows w/ DOT [WSE]

    Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce my first OSP! There's a lot of flaming arrow projects on the Forge, but I wasn't really satisfied w/ the results I was getting--so I went and made a new one. I've created a solid system in WFaS with the new WSE build (shoutout @K700) that combines a couple...
  2. Fire

    We have fire in the game already, and it's super cool. It should be expanded. Flaming arrows, carried torches, burning wooden buildings, and ditches of pitch and vats of boiling oil would be a huge addition.
  3. Fire arrows or not??

    We have siege weapon with flammable ammo (though I never bothered using it), should we also have fire arrows? Lighting up trees in field battle and wooden structures in siege (especially Battanian) would be super cool. Fire arrows raining down at night would be great as well. This would still...
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