face key

  1. Swyter

    B Info Module System Face code module system trickery | Scripts to read more face attributes, measuring string lengths and doing string-to-number conversion

    For those interested in reading face attributes for random characters, here's the extended function/polyfill for face_keys_get_morph_key. For the first time ever you'll be able to insult the player by measuring how big their nose or ears are at runtime, or whatever: #...
  2. Swyter

    Online face code generator tool | Tweak facekeys and see how they work

    Hey, guys. Guess what? Made a face code generator, like the one for terrain codes, ten years later: https://swyter.github.io/mab-tools/face Working with 64-bit numbers in JavaScript is terrible, but it works. I'll polish it a bit, maybe adding support for dropping custom skins.txt files and...
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