damage mitigation

  1. Ldsantana

    Weapon Penetration Mechanic

    Edit: As mentioned by @Lusitani 5th Empire i mixed up x and y in the description. They have been corrected now. Hello, long time Warband player here, i'd like to make a suggestion on a penetration mechanic for weapons that will essentially change the way armor behaves and damage is calculated...
  2. Apocal

    Bannerlord vs. Warband armor (not visual)

    So some people brought something up in an economy thread that probably deserves its own. While I'm pretty sure TW did this on purpose, I'm not sure they knew if players would prefer it, so might as well have a thread about it.
  3. Ingolifs

    Armour. Why it doesn't work and how to make it work

    Why Armour doesn't work So I was inspired to make this post by two things. First, this video: And second: After being hit by a stone while wearing high quality armour Basically, armour seems to have bugger all effect in the game, and I went and investigated why. Behind the spoiler is the...
  4. Pancakelord333

    Armor [high and low tier] is irrelevant - it needs to offer % based dmg mitigation, rather than just subtracting from dmg dealt

    I've now been seeing some uncommon high tier armor in 1.2.0. In one of the battanian cities I saw some Noble northern armor (or whatever it's called - its the gold-trimmed stuff battanian lords wear) going for 40k. This is great, but the problem with armor right now is that its basically...
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