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  1. Resolved Caravan income, wage and extra guards disappear after loading campaign.

    Summary: I started a new game in e1.6.0 two days ago. Yesterday I hired Mata the Spicetrader to get a caravan going (I decided upon taking the extra guards) and it worked for several hours. When I loaded that campaign today it no longer showed up in the bottom right finance overview, I also...
  2. SP - Scenes Scenes for Party organisation for generel troop formation arrangement, camps, caravans and farmers

    I hope for landscape scences which are purely used for organizing your party. Here the rural battle landscapes could be reused. Imagine that you are tired of always setting up the same army formation at each battle. So instead you create a generel army formation in a landscape which you can...
  3. Caravan Troops are not linked to each other via a troop tree, intentional?

    If you check armed traders and the many types of caravan guard you will notice they are not linked in any way to each other, was this a deliberate choice made to ensure Caravan parties will never upgrade their soldiers to higher tiers? If so I wonder what would happen if one modded them into a...
  4. The Last Vandal

    Resolved ?[e1.1.0] Global Map AI issue

    Patch notes e1.1.0 says: But made caravan as priority target for looters broke AI behavior. In front of my character small looters band (8 men about) attack caravan with 50 guards. Of course, looters where smashed without any damage to caravan. Next screenshot was made after start of the battle.
  5. SP Native Militia tree + Armed Trader + Caravan Guard upgrade tree

    Download here (Nexus Mods) Quick and dirty xml fix to connect the troop tree, allowing peasants to upgrade to militia spearmen/archer->armed trader->caravan guards. Fix for mercenary guard loadout (added bolt/spear alternate set). Added 70 ranged skill to Armed Traders (was 0 before, 90 to...
  6. Anybody else getting a bug where the AI would be able to shoot at you from across the map?

    I just finished a battle with a Battanian Caravan. The moment I spawned on the battle map I had javelins and arrows raining down on me, despite the fact that I could clearly see that they were on the other side of the map. I thought it was a graphical bug at first because the javelins/arrows...
  7. Resolved Militia and Caravan Guard lines missing upgrades

    I assume the militia spearmen/archers are supposed to upgrade to veteran militia, and armed trader -> caravan guard -> veteran caravan guard For the major factions none of these are upgradeable or connected (in encyclopedia) except by their name.
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