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  1. Lazregamesh

    Ships and boat travel in port cities/villages

    Hi, I would love to have a way to travel between port cities and fishing villages. It can be only a player thing till it is fleshed out and would help get from one side of the map to the other. I think this would add to the strategic value of capturing port cities or castles with fishing...
  2. Percival!!

    taleworlds HATES the community!!!

    The lack of communication by Taleworlds on their plans for multiplayer is downright impressive. Something as simple as changing the factions on a duel server becomes a "to do", only for us never to hear about it again and for Taleworlds to forget they ever mentioned it. How long would it have...
  3. Creating a boat/ferry system connecting Southern Kingdom and Aserai

    I do not like how far I have to travel around to reach Aserai, especially for trade. I think it would be a good system to have a ferry connecting the cities of Qasira and Vostrum or maybe to the island in the middle which could be a neutral faction that has docks on both sides that connects the...
  4. SetArk

    Movement, Travel and Options.

    Hail! One thing that would be nice to see, is the addition of Roads, or even better, travel paths that can be turned into real roads by those in power. They could have a cost to be kept, and give an boost to travel speed. Maybe, when you click on a road, or on some specific node on a road, you...
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