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  1. [ECS4] Group C

    Sunday 21:00 CEST, Snus Gang vs Backline Tactics
  2. [ECS4] Server Admins

    Team Name: Snus Gang Assign: Aras, 4049981 Revoke: Lanceman_Larry
  3. [ECS4] Team Rosters

    Player Addition Snus Gang: Name of player(s): Player Removal Snus Gang: Name of player(s):
  4. [ECS4] Group C

    Galya gave us the default, It seems their team disbanded...
  5. [ECS4] Servers and booking

    Team you are from?: Snus Gang Teams involved?: Snus Gang & Galya ECS Match?: Yes. Server Location: GER Date & Time: Sunday 18.10 - 20:00 BST
  6. [ECS4] Group C

    Sunday 20.00 BST, Snus Gang vs Galya
  7. [ECS4] Map Vote (Deadline 14/10/2020)

    Team Name: Snus Gang Open Map Choice: Field by the River Closed Map Choice: Naval Outpost Ps. (Vendetta is not in the list of all maps on the ecs servers) (Port assault or Desert town would maybe be cool to add for a change)
  8. [ECS4] European Championship Series Signups - Signup Deadline 05/10/2020

    Neither snus gang roster norr the german (vincents) roster is good enough for div A tbh. And of course godsent is far from being good enough either. But there should be enough teams for div A regardless.
  9. [ECS4] European Championship Series Signups - Signup Deadline 05/10/2020

    Team Name: Snus Gang Team Tag: Snus Contact 1: Maxxxio (Taleworlds & Steam) Contact 2: Lanceman_Larry (Taleworlds & Steam) Banner: Roster: Preferred Division: B
  10. Next tournament nation-based?

    We just had an 8v8 clan tourny, can't we do a 6v6 one now and after that just do another 8v8 again?
  11. [WRL] Division C - Week 4

    Think it was DE 6, not 100% sure
  12. [WRL] Division C - Week 2

    It's not really a tactic though, I just joined them cuz I saw they didn't have too many people at first, but rhodos being really stacked now is a bit of a hyperbole. If anything I'd argue that BKP had a slightly better team going today with tallie, becca, kawaii, the BKP guys just lost. It was a...
  13. Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Anchors response makes sense. If Charlini's argument is solely about the prizes, then just don't give out the prices to the top teams of every division, but instead to the actual top 3? Just give the top of div B a chance to play against the 3rd top of div A to be able to win the price as well...
  14. [W6C] Warband 6-aSide Cup Sign-Up Thread [Groups Announced]

    As an archer I approve of this message. Nerf da lawl.
  15. MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    Seems cool, would suggest to change the name though.
  16. Stuck in Queue

    same here, we have to wait minimum 5-10 min now to get a game, before it was only 30-60 seconds
  17. Tardet's New Gambling House | SEMI FINALS are LIVE

    Your nickname: Maxxxio Your current team in the WNL (if any): Assyrian Empire Which match are you betting on: DoF vs. DONER Result: DONER win Bet amount: 45 denars
  18. [TWC] Group Stage Week 2

    LaPache made a valid point, and I'm pretty sure Donut received and apprehended his point appropiately. It was clearly an unintended mistake on his behalve. I think Kire has a recording of the match in which can be made clear that Donut did not use the mod in his or our advantage in any way or...
  19. [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    Kazupa gave us default btw. (Kazupa & Bendetto vs Maxxxio & Epicpizza & Nazgulus)