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  1. Unable to have child

    You are not of potent seed. Beware betrayal upon pregnancy result ;). My issue is my kids are not growing up and there's no way to tell male or female?
  2. Bannerlord Refunded

    Once more optimizations, mods, and a.i improvements come, people will realize it is still a great game. Add in some more quests, balance and maps and we are on track. I imagine this game will be complete another year from now. Hoping sooner though.
  3. Your current Top 5 essentials mods for Bannerlord

    Is there a battle size mod yet for the modules folder? Would like bigger battles still.
  4. Khuzaits needs their allies or lords reduced! Its not just the auto.....

    Welcome the mongols with love. Maybe this issue would be fixed with an improved dynasty system, and alliance thru marriage being complete?
  5. Let's get our weapons and armor back

    There is a mod for this. The items are expensive though.
  6. Just my end or are Battanian Castles laggy atm ?

    I feel overall, the battles are much choppier. Usually wouldn't have much issues prior to this update
  7. Patch Notes e1.5.1

    At zero renown at start, feels grindy to get to level 2 clan tier. Would like to see more earned for battles at this point.
  8. Why am I still broke?

    They need to buff it. It used to be too much income but it seems like they decreased it too much. Once you hit near 100 man army, and as you said some parties you can struggle too easily.
  9. Analysis of the impact of map design in regards to sieges

    I think there should be an option to scale the numbers a bit. Last i saw, you can have around 2k units figjting at once as long as none are cav as horses count as a unit. It could be over 1k attackers vs however many defenders this way
  10. Pathfinding bug on Ataconia Castle Siege

    On the left wall (or left of the main road ramp travels), you will find two ladders for the attackers to climb. Once on the wall, they do not go down the left archer tower, nor do anything with the right tower. It looked as if on rare occasion one or two troops may travel correctly at random...
  11. Is the game in a good state atm?

    The beta branch is fun. I just switched to it. Add a few mods in and its getting better. The sieges are going a little smoother. Units are climbing multiple ladders with siege towers, making them flood the walls. It still needs improvement as some get stuck around ladders still or drop off...
  12. I like going one-handed despite its many weaknesses

    I'm surprised other people are complimenting spears now. During sieges, take a spear up a ladder and watch how many enemies you can kill. You can usually 1 or 2 shot most enemies at a distance as well. I like the idea of being a 2h sword player with bow, but I usually go with cav and get...
  13. Big battles: GPU or CPU driven

    If you get a 1080Ti or 1070 thats plenty for graphics. Your cpu has to be good i8 or better at this time to not stutter much and push past 1k man battles. Ram 16gb should be enough too. I have i7 7800x cpu 1080 Ti 16gb ram. I get stuttering on max settings. 60-42fps at times. Sieges can be...
  14. I'm sorry but I finally give up, what the hell are TW doing? Nothing new in 3 weeks. Whoever is managing this team needs the boot.

    Have they been fixing a.i during this long break without a patch? More diplomacy? Better optimization?
  15. Ugly hair longhair

    The hair style that looks like a combover would be nice if it covered some dam forehead lol. Otherwise yeah, not enough hair going on the face etc
  16. Tactical decisions on the battlefield should play a bigger role in deciding the tide of battle

    Has anyone noticed when placing troops somewhere regardless of formation they may not be in the "face enemy" formation? I found a lot of my infantry were getting wrecked from that. This happens with archers as well. Make sure You guys are checking f2/f2. Hope that gets fixed AND hopefully...
  17. Just remove horse archers from the game

    I don't have much issue with khuzait anymore. Get cav and archers. Pretty simple
  18. Patch Notes e1.4.1

    A bug for 1.4.1 whenever a lord/vassal summons an army and im in a castle(smithing, waiting, or recruiting) and click leave, It teleports my army almost directly to the lord or vassal. I think it has your army start marching without showing it. There is a Sturgia castle I believe varnapol or...
  19. I am smithing weapons worth150k gold

    I've smelted tons of items and made a few weapons, yet im not unlocking many options for blades etc. Is there a reason? I even have the perk to 100% increase chance of new learned crafting items.
  20. Smithing needs to be overhauled

    I like the concept and understand your points. To be fair, I like crafting my own weapon. I don't think I will spend as much time as some doing smithing. Then again, getting gold and other things to sell makes a lot of money especially after your perk selections. I just made a 2h sword with...