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  1. Cd key activation problem

    I have same issue... and support doesn't replay. pls help
  2. Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars Singleplayer

    I am following development of that mode and I am little tired of waiting :D
  3. Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars Singleplayer

    I think singleplayer for Napoleonic wars would be great, at least for me, I am playing both SP and MP.
  4. SP Tutorial World Map How to make Campaign Maps

    Maybe I can't help you with that but I am very interested how your map looks :) can you take screenshot?
  5. SP Tutorial World Map How to make Campaign Maps

    I don't know easier way :( on end I did it pixel by pixel :D and I think you wont have good result if you make height map like spoiler 5 then you will have most of map straight. I think this is how picture from spoiler 4 needs to look its before value invert and I have pretty good result but I...
  6. SP Tutorial World Map How to make Campaign Maps

    I used GIMP for that. You have tool which select same colors on map and then u just turn them to that uniform color, then u select next color... do that 10 or 20 more times and its finished
  7. [WB][B] Crusader - Way to expiation

    Water on screens looks so realistic
  8. Multiplayer ping

    Yesterday I played LoL, Battlefield 3 and PES 12 and ping in all games was good. I ja nisam iz Beograda :P Zivim u Paracinu
  9. Multiplayer ping

    I have ADSL EDIT: There is something wrong with my internet check this i think that's problem this speedtest results are too low but last night i played some other multiplayer games without problem
  10. Multiplayer ping

    I don't know is this right place to ask but please don't delete this (only short time to see answers). I bought game about year ago and then I had problems with high ping 1-2 days in month but now when I start playing multiplayer again I have really bad problem with ping. In one moment ping is...
  11. Common problems and Solutions! (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

    this really works? i try to add my 4x4 cd key and it didn't work i think steam need 5x5 key
  12. Napoleonic wars key

    I decided to buy key i have few questions about this. 1. I have non-steam Warband key if i will Napoleonic Wars work if i take key on Steam and can I buy from steam with wire transfer? 2. If Napoleonic Wars on steam can't work or i can't buy with wire transfer second solution is to buy game on...
  13. SP Tutorial World Map How to make Campaign Maps

    This thread is tutorial check first post. There is no tutorial for warband u need to copy map.txt, parties.txt ... to mount and blade (1) and edit with thorgrim's map editor
  14. [WB][B] Crusader - Way to expiation

    don't worry mod isn't dead, mod like this cant die  :P
  15. [WB][B] Crusader - Way to expiation

    I want to know the progress, so... i will leave comment :D
  16. [WB][B]Supremacy, ww1 mod *need texturer,modeller,coder*

    In WW1 there was Serbia after war Kingdom of Serbs Croats and Slovenes(later Kingdom of Yugoslavia) was created.
  17. [WB][B]Supremacy, ww1 mod *need texturer,modeller,coder*

    it doesn't matter in multiplayer 99% there will be both countries or non of them
  18. [WB][B]Supremacy, ww1 mod *need texturer,modeller,coder*

    Serbia was in war from first day, they won few important battles one of them is The Battle of Kolubara (this battle is now in all military books) After second offensive under new German commander started, Serbia began the retreat and then Bulgaria declare war to Serbia and cut off retreat of...
  19. First World War Mod (a succesful one this time!!!)

    check banner in my signature and ask Samsa to join
  20. [WB][B]Supremacy, ww1 mod *need texturer,modeller,coder*

    something like this history isn't my best side so maybe some other banner isn't correct too