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  1. nedsat

    [ECS] Bronze Match - Deadline 16/12

    Always a pleasure playing with you guys. Hope we meet in the final next time :)
  2. nedsat

    [ECS] Predictions & Voting

    IG 10 - 6 AE Kurwa 10 - 6 RNGD
  3. nedsat

    Basics to competitive warband

    Good guide imo! Maybe you could expand it with some basics about tactics.
  4. nedsat

    [ECS] Quarter Finals - Deadline 01/12

    Im so psyched after watching that hype video!!1½1§§ Let me break down the video for you guys: Baguette vs Kebab.... Then silence... And then the dragonborn will swoop in to take the victory in the end. Who that might be??? I guess we'll find out! (My bet is on Asgeir)
  5. nedsat

    [ECS] Quarter Finals - Deadline 01/12

    For the sake of simplicity I think the different options of tie-breaker should be removed. Could keep the duel option if both teams agree, if not then move directly to default tie-breaking rules. I don't think any team will ever opt for replaying the last rounds as one side and/or faction will...
  6. nedsat

    [ECS] Quarter Finals - Deadline 01/12

    Must say that I agree with this aswell. I even hear that an extended amount of time was use to discuss wether or not they should play which could easily have been used to play the few rounds it would've taken.
  7. nedsat

    [ECS] Servers | Admin Mod Updated!

    I have a better ping at WNL servers than on IG_battlegrounds. Pretty sure it's just about routing. WNL servers is in German, IG_battlegrounds is in France.
  8. nedsat

    [ECS] Group D - Week 3 Deadline 18/11

    GG Kurwa! Please make more videos. I've watch ECS - Who's the str0nkest? at least 10 times  :lol:
  9. nedsat

    [ECS] Groupstage | Draw Night Monday - 28.10 18.00 GMT

    Great blog! Thanks for the link.
  10. nedsat

    [ECS] Suggestions

    Nord town is another example of how bad the original maps really are when you compare it to the new competitive maps.
  11. nedsat

    [WWC]Original Topic - Main Discussion Topic for WWC competitions

    @Erminas Thanks for the effort to make this tournament. Much appreciated!
  12. nedsat

    [ECS] Team Rosters, Contacts & Substitutions | Transfers closed

    Remove from IG roster: CarpeDiem - 52822
  13. nedsat

    [ECS] Predictions & Voting

    Good initiative. Looks fun!
  14. nedsat

    [ECS] Suggestions

    A better comparison than LoL is probably Counter strike where during a tournament you'll play a handfull or more different maps. Also as Scar points out I think we've played every map a fair amount of times so that starting from stract when making tactics is only happening when new maps are...
  15. nedsat

    Summer Showdown | Wolves Champions!

    Please change the name of the topic to Fall Showdown!  :roll:
  16. nedsat

    Minimal Texture Pack

    d_mipcap and d_mipscale... good commands form Quake 1 that I've missed for just about every game ever since ;( But I don't know of any such texture pack either. Would probably use it if there was one!
  17. nedsat

    Summer Showdown Analysis by Dasvi

    That is the key!  :lol:
  18. nedsat

    [WNL2] Week 9 - Deadline 07/07

    gg oRP! Was fun :)