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  1. No beta servers?

    I would like to play MP, but it seems like there are no beta servers as of right now. (If I did not mess up smth.) Could we have the most recent update always be applicable for MP and have different versions of SP to download from the branch settings?
  2. BL Other Can we use Warband locations in Bannerlord?

    No no, of course not. I am just interested in using the names and their locations.
  3. BL Other Can we use Warband locations in Bannerlord?

    Heya, is it allowed to mod locations from Warband, such as Tevarin Castle, Suno and more from the lore, into Bannerlord in order to make a blend between the games? I was considering to expand Bannerlord's Calradia, it is not supposed to be Warband in Bannerlord. What are the rules, what do I...
  4. Native Fantasy Beyond Calradia - Idea Gathering Phase

    Beyond Calradia A storm makes its way over Calradia. Lords and Ladies of all factions are becoming unruly. Emperor Arenicos' rule is being challenged. Sturgians and Battanians, in pursuit of lusher lands are banding together. Khuzaits in mass are hitting the borders of the Calradia in their...
  5. So about the font Mordred

    I would like to use the font that is being used for town names f.e. for upcoming projects. Unfortunately, their seems to be maybe some copyright issues here. I am a little picky and I hate everything where I have to give credit or can't use commercially... most of the time. Therefore, I have a...
  6. Ideas for Equipment Slots

    How about instead of capes, we had backpacks? And instead of horse armour, additional backpack slots? And instead of only horses in the inventory, horses and backpacks equally? I was thinking of some apocalypse mods perhaps, in which some hardy looking backpacks with fur and charms against evil...
  7. Hi Tw, i think you should do something about this scum.

    Reported it on Google Play, but doubt that will help. Seems like no one is actually reviewing the reports.
  8. couple of noob questions

    *googles curling* What?!
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  10. [Showcase] The Myrelian Forge

    The Myrelian Forge Arsenal Items: Empty WIP: About me: I am Lyceria. Aspiring to be a game designer. Looking to do some Blender Modelling & Substance Painter Texturing work soon. Anything I create and deem worthy, I might end up sharing here. Requests: Currently, I do not take on requests...
  11. Genel Güncelleme Tartışması

    Yama beklemek yerine Ingilizce ögrenmek daha faydali olabilir.
  12. It'd be good, if they changed the board games

    Warband as a "board" game in Bannerlord? I am intrigued. Would probably be outlawed everywhere for propangda against the state, but well... maybe in backalleys...
  13. Solved I have been banned because I have criticized the game.

    To be honest, there is nothing azakhi needs to apologize for here. You just don't type into the chat "retarded". This is not free speech. Would you talk like this away from the internet?? Imagine talking like this to the police. Guess you will get banned from reallife for a couple days.
  14. Solved I have been banned because I have criticized the game.

    :party::party::party: :party::party::party:
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