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  1. Namakan

    MP Native cRPG

    well, best of luck with your project! will see if I can help out at some point
  2. Namakan

    MP Native cRPG

    curious, were you actually on the dev team for the original cRPG? can't seem to remember you :o
  3. Namakan

    Need More Info Very unusual ping spikes [EU]

    my packetloss icon is on 24/7 now. literally doesnt go away. no packetloss elsewhere. pls fix.
  4. Namakan

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    Any words on point 2 (and maybe 3?) of this thread?
  5. Namakan

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    please clarify what an adjustment to crushthrough actually means.
  6. Namakan

    Patch Notes e1.5.2

    No significant changes for MP here or on beta branch. But hey, it's only been a month since you broke balance...
  7. Namakan

    Empire Courser is completely broken in TDM

    Courser (the class) isn't the problem, Menavlion (the weapon) is.
  8. Namakan

    I think TW is doing good

    current credits.xml file lists about 80 interns. Is that a normal number for a ~100 people company over ~8 years? I have no idea.
  9. Namakan

    In Progress Flickering house on town outskirts

    The white parts of the highlighted houses walls flicker every time I see it. been like this for a while now. pls fix.
  10. Namakan

    [Beast #2] Suggestions

    Ok, then heres MY position so we're clear on that: I don't think anyone should be punished (be it warning or suspension) on a first offense for naming violations. A warning on second offense and a suspension on third is something I could agree to. The ONLY reason named so far why the naming...
  11. Namakan

    [Beast #2] Suggestions May I once again propose fair punishment for all? Either you don't warn him at all because a warning for an extra "&" is quite frankly laughable, or you suspend him like you did with Roemer and me.
  12. Namakan

    Any update on duel server faction change?

    we been told months ago it would be change "next week"
  13. Namakan

    [Beast #2] Rosters

    precedent from beast1 is that adding things to your listed name while its still clear who you are doesnt matter, right? rules on that havent changed looking at the threads
  14. Namakan

    Lack of maps and poor map rotation in TDM

    Yeah, I was thinking the same you just said...this time last year.
  15. Namakan

    What are you doing

    if you need to edit my titles please keep them closer to the original so i dont have to edit them again, kthx
  16. Namakan

    What are you doing

    /rant no hate to the individuals working on the game, especially the ones trying to share information where possible.
  17. Namakan

    What are you doing

    Honestly. Whats going on. a MONTH ago, we got e1.5.0 after waiting for it for 2-3 months. while it did improve some things, balance is in ****ing shambles. -twohanders, especially empire and vlandian, are brokenly op -horsearchers get 50 arrows and no accuracy penalty like normal archers do...
  18. Namakan

    Im think done after Scramble League

    I'm pretty much at a point where I only play matches because that's the only part of the game remotely fun to me - playing with friends vs people of roughly equal skill and organization. That is a giant shame. Patch 1.5 was roughly a month ago, and that was after 2-3 months with no patch at...