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  1. arsenic_vengeur

    The constant wars is taxing

    In warband a kingdom would declare war to another to « curb its growing power » or something like that, which provides a nice balance.
  2. arsenic_vengeur

    Arrow and weapon refill wagon flag in battle

    +1 it would be nice also to have a wagon representing the loot, that the enemy could burn if you leave it unprotected. The raiding of enemy camp was a popular strategy in medieval and antiquity warfare.
  3. arsenic_vengeur

    I'm slowly starting to hate the Vlandians

    This can also happen in smaller battles with no reinforcements involved. First you kill their charging units mostly infantry then you go to their range units positionned 50 meters behind and during that march you can lose many troops. The worst is when your units chase fleeing infantry instead...
  4. arsenic_vengeur

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    It still doesnt work as intended unfortunately. A T4 troop will upgrade, but I you recruit a big pack of T1 recruits they will still upgrade very slowly one by one. It seems to be one guy upgrading from each category of troops.
  5. arsenic_vengeur

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    Something changed with the XP with this patch. My units get 480 XP each during the night. The XP still seems to apply on a troop by troop basis, ignoring the number of troops in each group. For example out of my 68 imperial recruits, only one is ready for being promoted. I have the "raise the...
  6. arsenic_vengeur

    Taleworlds, please fix the loot!

    This. Instead of a vast quantity of shirts selling 5 denars a piece, we should have money, it would save some clicks.
  7. arsenic_vengeur

    Fix Escaping Prisoners and Random War Declaretion

    I have also noticed that the phase when the lords visits towns and villages to reach his army cap with fresh recruits is very fast, i see the AI recruit up to 15 recruits to each village so in a couple hours the army is built. Maybe there should be a system where constant recruitment depletes...
  8. arsenic_vengeur

    How to do cavalry in 1.4.1

    There is a guide around ranking the best units for each role. I didnt check myself but the guide ranks the vanguard as pretty bad. I use them sometimes from prisoners but i dont bother to recruit and train them. Best heavy cav is noble cav, i take any of these aserai imperial vlandian...
  9. arsenic_vengeur

    How to do cavalry in 1.4.1

    Get rid of theis Rohirrim idea imo, it won't get you far. The Rohirrim aesthetics looks a bit like Sturgia or Battania but these factions have the worst cav. Javelin cavalry is very bad, it is a problem of tempo, because when you order your cav to charge you want them to do it ASAP, all...
  10. arsenic_vengeur

    Please make all wanderers spawn from start

    Exactly... As I am a bit maniac, I want one good available comanion for each of the 4 jobs, as I intend to make my character more charisma oriented. Another flaw in the companion system is that you never know if you will be able to make them improve. For example the vlandian "Of the hills" guy...
  11. arsenic_vengeur

    Please make all wanderers spawn from start

    At the start of a new game the available wanderers are generated randomly. It would be much better to spawn them all, and then let the player choose the wanderers he wants to play with. I have had a game with the best scout around, and now i am starting a new game the only scout around has...
  12. arsenic_vengeur

    Elefhteroi stats probably wrong

    Hello , just my two cents here : The stats of units in the eleftheroi troop tree seem bugged. Tier 1/3/5 of the troop tree have same stats. The tier 5 guy should in the 180s if compared with other "specialized" troop tree like wolfskins or Ghulam for example. Or maybe it is just the tooltips...
  13. arsenic_vengeur

    KURWA BlackTide's Clan

    Good luck Tidden, but change your name, for the good reason that it is a **** name. It makes people believe that prostitution is a joke, while it is just an enjoyable aspect of life.
  14. arsenic_vengeur


    In which case is it legal to overthrow democratically elected governments with street riots supported by the CIA, and in which case is it not legal? Self-determination is legit in Kosovo, but not legit in Crimea, why? In what occasions is EU the petdog of the USA and in what occasions is it...
  15. arsenic_vengeur

    Reconsider Roster Rule Regarding transfers

    I support Dawnut. Come on badmins, leave Britney alone, let him play, it is not going to change the climate. YOu should change the rules to allow recruitment of a joker or two.
  16. arsenic_vengeur

    Warband Phallic Development Ponderated Points

    I'd personnaly give Belisarus more than 90, given how he swings that morningstar with confidence in any circumstances.
  17. arsenic_vengeur

    Warband Phallic Development Ponderated Points

    100 Marcus 99 Tura 99 Modus 99 Tardet 98 Russians 97 Shema 97 Trebron ... Rest all suckz.
  18. arsenic_vengeur

    Warband Native League Season 5 - Player and Team Rankings (POLL ADDED)

    What the community lacks, instead of Football Manager lists, is a ranking of player scores. Just look at Football, there are lists made by professional websites such as for example : If you search for your favorite team's player evaluations, you will find and see...