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  1. Patch 1.4.1 Save game get corrupted when saving during a siege.

    Hmmm, if it's no different sieging on your own, best bet is uninstall, delete all files steam leaves behind, reinstall, start new game. That's the only surefire way to get things running again when I get hit by game breaking bugs like that. Frustrating, but part of the EA process. Also, check...
  2. Women in Load Screens

    Rhaghaea riding a unicorn?
  3. Patch 1.4.1 Save game get corrupted when saving during a siege.

    Have you validated files? Is it a particular castle/town that maybe has a wierd issue? Are you in an army, if so are you leading or being led?
  4. Patch 1.4.1 Save game get corrupted when saving during a siege.

    Yes, I regularly save scum sieges given the EA nature of the game, especially in 141 when i'm probably gonna have to fight off at least one enemy doomstack before I get a change to lead the assault. I haven't had any problems reloading that save. Depending on what you changed with the character...
  5. Patch 1.4.1 Save game get corrupted when saving during a siege.

    Are you running mods? I havent had save related issues in 141, yet. Of course, I just started running mods again around day 700 of the playthrough, so it's a matter of time.
  6. 30 is a little over the hill, no?

    If the goal is to create a multi generational dynastic strategy game, why not keep the age but give us stats slightly below that of the average lord at start. Lets our first character get in the action faster to start said dynasty
  7. Large battles and spawn in points

    I swear, the more threads and ideas I read and have for this game the more excited I get.
  8. Large battles and spawn in points

    A moving baggage train might be too much, unless ambushes become a thing, but a static one with arrow barrels and a war chest at the initial point is a great idea. There's even precedent and assets for it already. When you defend caravans their mules and barrels and such are represented on the...
  9. Large battles and spawn in points

    I wouldn't want troops spawning directly on them, that would be just as unimmersive as the current spawns, but functional standards bearers would be awesome. I mean, bannerlord... where are the banners? I think the starting flag(with the gear chest for when you forget to change gear pre...
  10. Recruits shouldn't require XP to upgrade

    That would be fantastic system as well, and I remember a few warband mods that did just that. I think that would be a huge function change for the dev's, though. I was aiming for something that could still be based on the troop tree setup the game currently has.
  11. Beta 1.4.1 Caladria hates Vlandia!

    The unbalance is heavily linked to the 30 day truce period being removed, and the new voting for peace system. One of the dev's was talking about it in another thread, even had graphs of the difference between 141 and earlier versions. There's supposed to be a new feature coming based on tribute...
  12. Recruits shouldn't require XP to upgrade

    This wouldn't necessarily require the player to be in the market. The way I envisioned this when I read it is a separate button for armor upgrade and level upgrade in the party screen. So you have 5 recruits, you can upgrade their armor to tier 6 of whatever class you eventually want them to be...
  13. Make NPC relationships more complex instead of rely on a single slider that ranges from "Hate" to "Devoted"

    I like this idea, but, am I proposing marriage naked? With a duck on my head? Why -respect there?
  14. Sturgias warmongering

    I've seen talk that in most, if not all, versions before 141 that the war declaration announcement was bugged. It would say sturgia declared war even if it was the other way around. Could still be that way in 141 for all I know, it's hard to focus on stuff like that when I'm fighting for sturgia...
  15. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    Better waiting then having the beta go full nuclear, glad for the info. Has anyone found any mods that address the beta permawar? I'm using a troop training mod to help deal with attrition.
  16. Can't Even Hold On To My Own Kingdom When Cheating

    Well, there's the answer you might already know but dont want to hear, early access. Not everything is done yet. They just now seem to be putting diplomacy stuff in at a slow rate. The way you describe it though, it's possible you didnt prep enough. Back in warband, I wouldn't start my own...
  17. Too many armies

    Ooooooooh, warbands! Armies can be lead by king/martial, using influence to call lords, but only those lords with positive relation. Clan leaders can create warband, but only with clan parties that have positive relation. Seems like a nice compromise.
  18. Disciplinarian perk too late?

    If features are going to be locked behind perks(which I dont agree with) then I think its fine where it is. Generally, late game when you would unlock this, you aren't hunting bandits much. Enemy lords whive just magically respawned, still do. So hunt a lord with some bandit prisoners, hire them...
  19. Too many armies

    Working off what the base game already has, a less artificial limiter could be relation. If I remember right from warband, if a particular lord really didnt like you, he wouldn't join your army, marshal, king or otherwise. Of course, we'd need more methods to raise relation then we currently...