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  1. FrisianDude

    een dringende kwestie.

    Heren, heren, stilte alstublieft! stilte! Houd je kop. Juist, het is mij net opgevallen dat wij, als collectief, iets zeer urgents glad vergeten zijn. Dus wil ik hiermee de discussie openen; wie is dit jaar de Sint?
  2. FrisianDude

    Smartphone won't connect to wifi

    Even though I copied and pasted the password. It also does not give a "wrong password" message, it just says "can't connect". Curiously, if I use the same password, for testing purposes, on a different wifi it also does this. If I just bollock and invent a fake password it does give "wrong...
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    Hey all, my roommate mentioned that my pc was catching lots of crap and advised me to try something called Peerblock. But Peerblock, it turns out, has Taleworlds under a block list.  I've set it to allow for fifteen minutes for now, but how come it lists a forum as bad? 
  4. FrisianDude

    Companion Names

    Hey guys, I've been playing this a lot recently. I just looked something unrelated to the mod up, and found a baloney site linking ancient Frisians to Magyars, the Shang Chinese and the Incas, which in turn made me wonder; how did you guys come up with the companion names? I mean, Clovis is...
  5. FrisianDude

    Plate armour in 1214?

    Hello, I've fairly recently started reading Ancient and Medieval Warfare magazines by Karwansaray Publishing, and I'm reading an article I hadn't previously from the first issue of the first volume of Medieval Warfare. The issue is themed The Rise of France and the article in question is titled...
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    Horns on helmets

    and horny helmets. I will be taking 'horns' as catch-all term for any protruding helmet decoration for the purpose of this thread. A thread partially triggered by the on-going debate in the Crusader: Way to Expiation mod thread. Main participants: Matmohair1 Skot the Sanguine Next post...
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    Marriage thread!

    This is an attempt to rerail dating thread. Arguing about marriage related-**** here please. Enjoy the conversation-cold-war.
  8. FrisianDude

    A thing of justice.

    Well, sort of. About intentional teamkillers/ teambleeders. Is a follow-up on but I'm making a new thread because it did not seem appropriate to post it in the Patch thread.
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    [Werewolf: Archives] Werewolf: The Tower of Games. WEREWOLVES WIN.

    Closing time. The inn emptied, leaving only a few drunks lying with their heads on the tables. It was cold out. The customers dispersed in groups, talking to themselves. A few of the more adventurous, or perhaps, foolish, didn't walk home. Instead, they went to the castle. A few others followed...
  10. FrisianDude

    USB sound adapter.

    I got one because the jack for my headphones was broken, and it works, but the thing is, it's way too loud (and it produces static, but that's less important). In order to listen to something on Youtube I either have to play it on full volume and put my headphones in my lap, thus nullifying...
  11. FrisianDude

    Werewolf: The Tower of Games; sign up thread.

    The door of the packed inn was flung open and a figure stepped in. It disappeared among the crowd immediately and it soon turned up again on a chair close to the fire; it's feet practically in the flames. When the door opened conversation halted for a moment, but it started quickly enough again...
  12. FrisianDude


    I was thinking, the idea came to me while playing Khergit vs Khergit on a cliff-marred 'random plains' (with a very large drop!), that it might be a good idea to have a surefootedness skill based on athletics perhaps which reflects how well and how fast you move on difficult terrain.  Same for...
  13. FrisianDude

    A terror in Calradia.

    No doubt many of you have heard of TheNarrator, but I do not think you know the full extent of how scary he is as an opponent; he seems to be nigh invulnerable. While he was sleeping (he does so STANDING UP and with his eyes open!) we tried to kill him to be rid of his terrible presence once...
  14. FrisianDude

    Native OSP 3D Art Combination Helmets OSP, for Warband!

    Hey all, I've been making some 'new' helmets using parts from Native Warband helmets and sticking them together. Here they are. The .zip contains a .brf containing the parts for about 15 helmets, only meshes as it uses native textures and materials. Some of these helmets are divided in the...
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    Avatar list

    Hey there, I was just wondering, why is there a list of all avatars, anyway? All it does is make things more confusing if multiple people have the same avatar. :? Is it really necessary, I'm wondering.  I mean the one listing the members' avatars, the other ones are of course quite useful. :P
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    Tournament Helmets

    Lately, mine have been replaced, completely by accident, with the old helmets that were used wááy back in .808 (yellow hood, green/red hood, oldest flattop, oldest segmented helmet) and I was wondering if anyone had had the same issue? Do you know what causes it? I can probably find a way to fix...
  17. FrisianDude

    A humble plea from a devoted fan.

    Good day to everyone who reads this; I wish you well. If you wonder who 'I' am, then allow me to explain; I'm a fan of Taleworlds. I've posted an ashaming amount of posts on this forum simply because I so thoroughly enjoy it; I always thought of Taleworlds as a group of people who saw that...
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    Fallout 1, mainly. For some reason, it's buggy as hell. I get references to quests I don't even have, I get map-mentions of things before I heard of them and I seem not to get certain bits of conversation which I do need to continue. This ensures that I can't complete Killian's quest with...
  19. FrisianDude

    My computer has gone crazy.

    If I put my computer in sleep mode it takes a good three minutes to do that and then it automatically pulls itself out of sleep mode after another five minutes, if I put it on stand-by it turns black for five minutes and then it returns to the log-in screen as well, and turning it off tends to...
  20. FrisianDude

    Some thoughts.

    Hello all. :) I'll apologize in advance for making this new thread, but it seems to me I'd need to post in quite a lot of threads to make sure everything I'm about to post is on-topic. I've downloaded this mod and have constantly been amazed with it and the quality in which it is made. A few...