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  1. stevehoos


    If I could have imagined a more dull and lack luster marriage proposal option I don't think I could have come up with it. Seriously, this is just terrible, I hope it gets changed.
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    "Double posting"

    I got a 2 point warning for "double posting". I have posted in this forum for 8 years and never got a reprimand for this. I think what we got here is some forum moderator -------you know who you are--- who doesn't like dissenting voices to modern feminist egalitarianism. I didn't double post...
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    Camera zoom out on the campaign map

    The camera on the campaign map is really annoying. If you zoom out just enough (mind you not much) you cannot see the party icons on the map and become subject to all sorts of maladies. This has got to be fixed.
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    -Why are there limits on the number of shops we can own? -Why is there a cap on the number of companions I can have? -Why can't I select the exact troops I want for a bandit camp raid? -Why are there restrictions on what I can don for clothing in towns? -Why do I have to upgrade ridiculous...
  5. stevehoos

    TW, you should have upgraded the graphics and left it alone

    Now you have a boring stressful early game that requires you to continuously hunt bandits because you lose money every minute, a bland companion system with odd leveling up systems that make no rational sense, and a UI that makes items so small you cannot even tell what they are without...
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    Save kidnapped girl mission?

    Does anyone know what to do? I looked around the village for 20 minutes...
  7. stevehoos

    Zero connectivity to companions

    The lack of any semblance of who in your party is better at what skills is sorely lacking. Mount and blade had a much better system at making you feel connected to your companions with its obvious level up system. I have been playing the same game for hours and could not tell you any differences...
  8. stevehoos

    What is the point of the "support forum"

    I posted this in there months ago with no followup. Seriously, WTF?,373327.0.html Moreover, why is there no option to abort raiding the stupid monasteries because an accidental button push can mess up an entire play through?
  9. stevehoos

    xbox 360 controller bugged in new update

    I am getting the formations menu text all jumbled since this latest update when I use a controller? I hadn't played this for awhile. If I stay with my commands with keyboard use only, the text is fine, if I use my keyboard to bring up a command in numbers 6 through 10, then use my controller to...
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    Ladies at feast in Praven

    I can't seem to ever see any women at feasts in Praven? Anyone else get this?
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    Anyone ever have the Aztecs attack your colony fort? Seems as though they can't disembark getting stuck as below.
  12. stevehoos

    Game over Great mod,  but this is not playable right now, too many things like this. I have 5 different saves but forgot to save after a 5 hour session. You can't save every 10 minutes.  :cry:
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    If you build your own castle, do you then create your own faction? Does one receive rents from the castle? Do lords get mad if you build on their property? One other question: Why build walls at colony towns when the battles take place at the fort? Even if you change that setting, how...
  14. stevehoos

    After player's faction is destroyed

    After my Kingdom was destroyed, I still have 2 vassals running around that will not leave my non existent kingdom. The relation drop continues as if they had no fiefs. They penalty with both is -100 now. There is no option available in any menu to prevent this.
  15. stevehoos

    Too many bugs

    I got married as a Saxon vassal, then split from the kingdom to venture out and build my own kingdom. My wife -who should have stayed in her fathers's castle- disappears entirely from the game making it impossible to keep relations with her. She's probably cheated 10 times on her hiatus. How are...
  16. stevehoos

    What is with Ceawlin?

    This guy doesn't get along with anybody? Who does he like besides Solvig or whatever her name is? It's ruining my sandbox  :? He has 60 morale when everyone else has 85? I can't find what the cause is? I removed that Donnchaed dude, should have cleared that up?
  17. stevehoos

    Coastal attack bug

    I sent a fleet of ships to attack The Port city of Yns mon (The Welsh city however it is spelled) and when I reached the town my troop morale became low and one of my men tried to fight me. After the fight, my army was put on land and all 7 of my 90 man ships were stuck in the enemy owned town...
  18. stevehoos

    Message system broken again

    "Send Message" has vanished again from my minster options, any word on this, it's a game killer? I started a new game because my last one was corrupted with this issue. I am 4 years in a game and it's dead right now because of this. If alliance options were where they should be ( diplomacy)...
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    Imagine a possible port to Bannerlord?

    :fruity: :shifty: :D Just throwing this out there. Siege weapons......etc
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    King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons

    Enjoy if you have not seen these!