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  1. Integrity Check Failure when installing the 'Blood and Steel' Modification.

    Lvcommando, I've zipped the current executable file, resulting in a 2MB reduction at 170MB.  What connection speed to you have?  In case of it being very slow, I also split the zipped file into 20MB parts for a total of nine parts.  Also, I'd be willing to zip the original module folder itself...
  2. Looking for experienced coder.

    Don't be afraid to either post troublesome code snippets yourself or have your coders do it.  As the purpose of this board is "development", you'll find that someone will usually offer help, provided that they have the knowledge, the time and the interest to do so.  Best I can tell, you'll need...
  3. Extremist Militias in the US

    I caught some of your exchanges, I was cheering for you rejenorst.  That dude is superior where it concerns using fallacies to his advantage.
  4. Spouse Talk Dialog

    Looks like I need that luck afterall FrisianDude.  How'd you know? :?
  5. Extremist Militias in the US

    Straw man?  *looks over data Yikes!  Hate when that happens.  But I must inject "you too!".  :mrgreen:
  6. Rate the song above you!

    Yuck. 1/5
  7. Extremist Militias in the US

    As I stated before, the next step would be to remove cutlery.  Then I guess we can all put on diapers and walk around in sufficiently high shockproof bubbles. = Also, I'd like to add that black markets work just like any other market.  Volume and demand are required for it to be successful and...
  8. Extremist Militias in the US

    That sounds very reasonable, but I wander if availability would make a difference, as in more resources from a much higher volume of smuggled goods?
  9. Extremist Militias in the US

    So, you weren't suggesting anything and if I understand correctly from newer posts, you aren't even claiming a position.  So I'm gonna have a go at your second statement. You can't follow from this point because you've taken a huge leap from the points where this idea stems.  Nobody having guns...
  10. Extremist Militias in the US

    Are you suggesting that stripping the right to bear firearms will prevent future episodes of that scenario?
  11. Extremist Militias in the US

    So elegant and obviously highly intelligent, yet you present an equivocal ad hominem tucked within a red herring?  I'm utterly disappointed.
  12. Extremist Militias in the US

    Wow.  All of this insightful spin-off that started over media propaganda?  Yet none of you appear to realize the fact.  Of course, since if you read a book or news feed, you're in the loop!  :lol:
  13. OSP Code SP [WB] Prebattle Orders Kit v0.8 Beta

    Vlejundo, you have a "1" where a "0" should be just after the first chunk.  Make sure you got all of the "encounter_*" tuples.
  14. OSP Code SP [WB] Prebattle Orders Kit v0.8 Beta

    Stitched it, tried it, loved it, and no glitches that I noticed after ten battles.
  15. Spouse Talk Dialog

    And now for more deviant dialog trickery, with purists in mind.  :mrgreen: Buy your spouse shopping sprees for small, beneficial bonuses. Mate with your spouse for small, beneficial bonuses.  I'd like to have it where you get a small boost to relations with the spouse's original faction. ...
  16. Automatic fire ammo consumption problem!

    I think if you just make the separate ammo, most of your problem will be gone.  Then all you'd need to do is check that the slot is greater than zero, I guess. (example for readers) (item_set_slot, "itm_ppsh_42", slot_item_ammo, "itm_ppsh_42_ammo"), ["ppsh_42_ammo","ppsh 42 Bullets"...
  17. Automatic fire ammo consumption problem!

    (item_set_slot, "itm_ppsh_42", slot_item_ammo, 30), Shouldn't that be something like: (item_set_slot, "itm_ppsh_42", slot_item_ammo, "itm_ppsh_ammo"), where you've made each of those ammo items in the items module and set the ammo amounts there? Seems like that would fix the consumption...
  18. Ye Olde Tavern Strumpets

    Glad you like it Tumetsu.  They are meant to wear the court_dress and I confused it with courtly_outfit.  Changed the source but forgot about the module, I'll fix that.  In my game they all use the altered version of dthun's rogue armor that I posted*(picture of), plus I gave the armor...
  19. Throwing Swords

    :shock:  Wow, that looks very different now and it looks great!  I'll be trying this soon.