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  1. DanyEle

    Guida Strategica Completa - M&B Bannerlord Compendium

    Ottima guida! Grazie mille! La hai scritta tutta te o hai preso ispirazione da qualche altra guida già esistente?
  2. DanyEle

    [Bannerlord] Navi: Video mostra presenza di navi nei file EA

    Le battaglie in "Viking Conquest" erano fatte piuttosto bene. Magari con una patch o DLC potrebbero aggiungere degli altri continenti nuovi :grin:
  3. DanyEle

    CN_X_PW - PW

    Try asking here perhaps?
  4. DanyEle

    RELEASE: DanyEle's Persistent World Scripts

    Given the lack of activity in the Persistent World community, I've decided to release the code for my Persistent World scripts under the CC BY-NC 4.0, meaning that you not allowed to resell or sub-rent this code to others. This code has been created and polished over four years (2014-2018) and...
  5. DanyEle

    Can we run around naked in MP ?

    I personally don't like the fact that you can't pick your own gear in Bannerlord. Perhaps I got too acquainted to the system in Warband, but it feels too much like "casual-gamers" - oriented now.
  6. DanyEle

    Beta Testing Specs

    Very much appreciated! :party:
  7. DanyEle

    [Bannerlord] BETA tester riunitevi!

    Presente e tornato dall'oscurità  :D
  8. DanyEle

    Beta Testing Specs

    Using a laptop I bought in March 2019. GPU: Nvidia GeForce MX150 CPU: IntelCore i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz RAM: 16GB Display: 1920x1080 Disk: 500GB SSD Even though I'm not reallly using a gaming laptop, I expected the game to run better. I can barely play the game on medium settings with 10-20...
  9. DanyEle

    [DI] DIVISIONE ITALIANA [Reclutamenti RIAPERTI] #2019

    Mi fa piacere che esista ancora la divisione italiana, discendente della Brigata Italiana.  :D Magari evitiamo commenti fini a se stessi?  Se c'è un topic aperto di un reggimento, non è necessario che qualcuno di interessato posti necessariamente qui sul forum TW, ma potrebbe aver contattato...
  10. DanyEle

    Dev Blog 16/05/19

    When are we going to have a developers' blog featuring an interview with the janitor of Taleworlds office?  :shifty:
  11. DanyEle

    Modders' Interviews | Get inspired by Greats and Legends!

    Nice interview! Istarted learning coding on the Module System via Lumos' Ultimate Introduction to Modding, so I definitely owe him my modding skills!  :fruity:
  12. DanyEle

    RELEASE: DanyEle's Persistent World Scripts

    The scripts have been ported to Persistent Kingdoms and a few issues fixed :party: Contact me if you are interested!
  13. DanyEle

    MP Native Persistent Kingdoms - 1.2 Released!

    Best of luck! Going to try your mod soon!!  :D
  14. DanyEle

    Did the PW kick the bucket?

    100% agreed. That's exactly the opposite of what Ramaraunt has been doing in his last posts.
  15. DanyEle

    RELEASE: DanyEle's Persistent World Scripts

    If PF's source code was made open source, my scripts could potentially be implemented in Persistent Frontier, as I already did for a few other PW sub-mods. I am not planning to release the source code of my scripts as of now.
  16. DanyEle

    Squadra NC2018: Mi serve la vostra mano!

    In bocca al lupo!  :D
  17. DanyEle

    RELEASE: DanyEle's Persistent World Scripts

    That's right. Any non-latin characters cannot be "sent" from the sanitisation PHP scripts back to Warband properly.
  18. DanyEle

    RELEASE: DanyEle's Persistent World Scripts

    If you installed my scripts on your server, then there is currently no way to disable chat sanitisation, as people could simply type a few unsupported strings in local chat and crash your server. Some Turkish guys requested Turkish characters to be displayed as well, so I will see what I can do...
  19. DanyEle

    Map Copyright?

    Thank you for clearing up the situation. I suppose these rules apply to all Warband servers and Warband modifications (and DLCs like NWs) as well?  In this case, once these rules are definitely set in stone, you may want to post an announcement in the Warband section to inform all server owners...