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  1. Ai cavalry miss their swing timings all the time.

    i've found its way to easy to miss your swings from horseback, even the ai have too much troubled, two handed axes and spears are the only two weapons that can hit enemies from horseback rn and the spears STILL need work, way to hard to miss your thrusts with the spear, very hard to aim
  2. What happened to Co-op?

    Fighting/Commanding and using tactics in battle is part of what makes the gameplay so fun for me, would be sad to see only autsolve for coop but rn there arent any other solutions, maybe we'll get one in the future :/
  3. The smithy needs work

    The xp grind for smithing needs to be re balanced and you should be able to get weapons parts from battles as rare loot, as with the current smithing system the only way i was able to get lots of parts, and actually up my smithing was cheat and get the most exspensive swords and break them down...
  4. My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    Yea i sat in a sturgian town, grinding my smithing up( Which by the way needs work, smithing way to long to grind, should get weapon parts from loot to make easier) and sturgia got wiped out quickly and then went vlandia, i have 22hrs in game ik its EA and the devs dont have the late game stages...
  5. What happened to Co-op?

    Coop would be aawesome to have but the reason they've didnt put it in is the timescale problem, cant speed up time wouldn't really work unless both parties did it at same time or the coop would just be a player companion traveling with ur party
  6. Bannerlord uninstalled by itself

    I downloaded bannerlord yesterday, put 14 hrs into the game, shut down my computer load it up today only to see bannerlord has decided to uninstall itself from my pc. Is this a steam bug or something to do with the game? Has anyone else had this issue?
  7. Where is the banners

    Yea the banner customization needs to be expanded a lot, ik its EA but i was hoping to see more banner color options and sigil options
  8. Where is the banners

    Yea i really hope they expand the banner aspect, maybe have standard bearer troops, i was too rather disappointed with the bland banner customization but again its EA, I do hope they add a lot more to this tho
  9. Enable cheats?

    Hey i have a vanilla save im playing rn but i want to do another with cheats enabled so i can check out the new features of bannerlord and get better used to the mechanics but i dont know how to enable them, if someone can tell me it be much appreciated
  10. Does somebody knows how to establish a camp ?

    yea i havent seen a button to do this, thought this was in the EA
  11. Getting forging materials

    Yea i just came here wondering about this? i have the basic materials unlocked for forging, a lvl 5 blade for some reason, and im able to smelt down weapons/tools but cant get any new parts for weapons from loot?(Maybe thats what they meant when the crafting wasn;t finished?)
  12. Time of releasing

    march 30th now yall!!
  13. sige

    it popped up apparently i missed it too- Enhanced battle test has siege maps but the ai is that great
  14. I'm sure this has been mentioned somewhere. I'm saying it anyway.

    Was about to say maybe a nerf could be it damages your weapon more on use and maybe limit the way you could swing with pommel like an overhead swing, that was mentioned above
  15. One thing I hope not to see in bannerlord (as it happens to me right now in VC)

    Yea the kicking you out of a town after getting jumped made no sense to me, really annoying, something TW needs to not have in bannerlord
  16. Best way to start off a campaign?

    Getting small band of peasants to go after looters, get in tournaments and bet on yourself max, some quests for lords, easy money, increase relations, would try to get 20-5 and would go over and fight sea raiders(They have better equipment to loot+moar money), **** id do in wb prolly same in...
  17. SP Native Enhanced Battle Test

    how does one operate the siege equipment and i pressed F on the it to rearm and it wont let me do anything
  18. Devblog about modding

    They said they planned for this type of situation and are confident they will release EA on the 31st, and also it would suck if EA got delayed for a bit but they have a legit reason
  19. Will players be able to have children (aka clan system) in Early Access on March 31st?

    On the steam page its says what it won't have in EA, death, clans aren't on the list, safe to assume you can have kids, ik you can start a clan/marry