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  1. European 1h Dueling Contest - [EDC]

    arg 7 - 4 ceasar
  2. European 1h Dueling Contest - [EDC]

    arg 7 - 1 nescafe gfs!
  3. European 1h Dueling Contest - [EDC]

    In-Game Name: arg Steam Contact: Faction Desired: nords
  4. Warband Native League Season 5 - Player and Team Rankings (POLL ADDED)

    turns out warband isn't a competitive game, I'm mere casual naow  :dead:
  5. RCC Server Main Thread [EU]

    SirDonut aka Sire, etc. wishes you good luck!
  6. Recruit the donut

    Hi! so i'm kind of looking for a team again, don't rush everyone, one by one please :)
  7. Rate the song above you!

    I don't like that kind of music but it's Fallout ^^ 7/10
  8. El Classico

    btide implied AE loses a lot of trainings which may make you think they're not that good. they're just trainings though. bit uncalled for aswell.
  9. [ECS2] Group C

    [/td][/tr][/table] shouldn't the winners match be Castellans vs DoF?  :ohdear:
  10. Evlenme Sorunu

    but wat if English was not kill?!?? has science goon 2 far?¿?
  11. News:a chinese game copying M&B is around the corner

    What kind of twisted morals they have if they don't see whats wrong with benefitting from someone else's ideas or work? You're making them look worse than if you just admit they're greedy ****ers. =)
  12. Who is at the Top?

    Ranged 1. PriNce 2. T 3. Leroux/Blade Cav 1.Peter 2.Shema 3.Vivar Inf 1.Cleric 2.Rempica 3.Peter/r1ch
  13. Top 5 Greatest Warband Matches

    very nice, so many good matches to watch and also analyze
  14. TrackIR? :)

    oh =)
  15. TrackIR? :)

    That function is very useful, my whole awareness is based on spamming that from time to time, it's safer than turning with normal view and sound is not really accurate in this game.
  16. Who is at the Top?

    At least you still got some recognition :)
  17. What's hiding behind your CTRL + V?

    Cottage Cheese. Read more:
  18. Why Sponge is the greatest player on M&B

    but... llandy is a man  :party:
  19. Why Sponge is the greatest player on M&B

    Sucks losing a bet mate  :party: