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  1. Viince

    [NC2019] Congratulations, Acknowledgements & Thanks

    :party: When we saw that we can die in peace ! :D
  2. Viince

    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    Dont underestimate yourself you'r a great warrior im pretty sure she knows it !  8-)
  3. Viince

    [NC2019] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    That was sick, clearly proud to be a part of this epic match ! Grats to NA !  :party: :party:
  4. Viince


    :ohdear: :ohdear:
  5. Viince

    [BladeCast - Storyline] France & BeNe seeking the ashes of past glory

    First time i've been mentionned in such a nice article  :oops: ! Thanks a lot mate for this quality work !  :party:
  6. Viince

    The Pantheon

    Sick topic and sick music :D
  7. Viince

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    Awwww Winstonnnn  :ohdear: :ohdear:
  8. Viince

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    Killiaaaaaaaaaaan Mbapeeee :fruity:
  9. Viince

    How famous is the above player?

    Best Ranger Div A, 99 Archer, Mighty Chamber Knight of Malta !  :fruity:
  10. Viince

    Top Infantry Through the Years

    Nice list  :party:
  11. Viince

    Top Rangers Of Europe [CURRENT]

    Ego list when ? I guess you can get 100 ez on this one maxi  :fruity:
  12. Viince

    Mount and blade Secret Weapon

    Next tournament with those weapons when ?  :fruity:
  13. Viince

    Vince video thread

    Just clipped this
  14. Viince

    Top 100 Warband Players (A Spectator's List)

    How cant i be in this list when im doing this in a public server ? jkjk, nice way to make a list and very entertaining !  :party:
  15. Viince

    [BSC] 6v6 bullet's cup | Knockout stage

    WOW, u don't know what you've done here apfel, you are leading your country to war ...  :ohdear:
  16. Viince

    Vince video thread

    Here is another vid from clip i found on my pc ! Enjoy  :party: