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  1. Temuzu

    Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop No release date apart from "early 2017". Get hype.
  2. Temuzu

    Implementing WebM on the forums

    So I've been thinking. With Bannerlord confirmed for 2016, wouldn't it be a good idea to implement WebM replaying capabilities on these forums? Bannerlord would in my opinion benefit greatly from giving the community the ability to share their short videos along with audio. These videos could be...
  3. Temuzu

    FinnWars Indiegogo campaign Some of you might remember the Battlefield 1942 mod FinnWars. Well, its been about ten years now, and just in time for our independence day, the studio behind the original mod, Iceflake Studios, has started work on a standalone game based on...
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    Post em. I'll post some once I get a good campaign going.
  5. Temuzu

    Gray Goo Anyone else getting this game? It's coming out today, in about 2 hours according to Steam. I'm looking forward for a proper RTS, haven't had one of those in a long time.
  6. Temuzu

    FAQ: Compilation of everything we know so far

    Alright lads, with all these threads popping up about random questions regarding the new features and whatnot, let's compile all the information on this one thread. I'll do my best to keep the OP updated, but in the meanwhile, post anything you know about the mod you think is worth knowing on...
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    Sydney Cafe Siege Multiple hostages being held by a "suspected" islamist. Pretty clear from the video below that it is infact a...
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    Zoe Quinn Scandal aka. Killing Gaming Journalism 101

    Maybe you havent heard of this, so here's a nice wrap-up of what's going on right now: And here's a tldr off the top of my head: Zoe Quinn, an independent game developer (Made the "game" called Depression Quest) gets called out for cheating her boyfriend with at least five different men, which...
  9. Temuzu

    Kicked for leeching

    Oh **** off. I was sitting on a mountain, firing my stolen arquebus, was writing in chat when I was suddenly kicked out. What do you want a ranged player to do, run around like a crazy person while 360 noscoping melee players? If I find a good spot, I'm not moving from it, and that is not leeching.
  10. Temuzu

    IMPERIAL QUEST: Forum Game -**** just got real-

    Imperial Quest is a forum game set in the Warhammer 40k universe, in which you along the rest of the forum take control of a young PDF recruit, who has lived all his live on the planet of Vraks Prime, where a Cardinal Astral named Xaphan rose into power when you were still a child. His charisma...
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    The Frontier Map (Map Discussion, suggestions, glitches, info) Poll added

    Map:,276871.0.html Download: scn_scene_2 scene_2 256 none none 0.000000 0.000000 100.000000 100.000000 -100.000000 0x0000000330000000000fffff000000000000000000000000   0   0...
  12. Temuzu

    IMPERIAL QUEST: Forum Game -Pre-Game Discussion-

    IMPERIAL QUEST The Forum Game Welcome to another forum game of mine! You might remember my previous forum games, Last Man Breathing and Last Man Breathing: The Outbreak. As you might recall, they were kind of "choose your own adventure"-type games. I've always loved involving the readers in...
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    Warhammer 40.000: Eternal Crusade - Now with 100% less F2P Orks. F2P players forced to play as Orks confirmed. AI controlled fifth faction, Tyranids, confirmed. 18 months to open beta confirmed. Available for PC and...
  14. Temuzu

    Eurovision 2013

    Didnt watch last year, but I have a feeling Finland might make it to top 5 this year, mainly because of the semi-political message behind the song, or rather the act. Anyway, who's gonna be watching, who's gonna be winning?
  15. Temuzu

    The Stomping Land (A Multiplayer Survival Game With Dinosaurs) The game just kicked off its Kickstarter, almost reaching the goal already. All the info you need should be on the Kickstarter, or on the forums. The dinosaurs will apparently be feathered. Bollocks, says I, but whatever.
  16. Temuzu

    When you get a 3D printer, what will you print?

    3D printers are slowly making their way into our homes, for example, the model on this site: So, I ask you, what will you print once you get it? I for one will probably print a new case for my Zippo, something real sweet. But that's really a lame thing to do, I hope you...
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    Papers, please

    Why are you not doing your duty for glorious Arstotzka yet comrade? Trailer. Papers, please in a nutshell. On a more serious note, in this game, you are working as the immigration inspector for the communist state of Arstotzka, and your job is to determine wether or not the immigrants are...
  18. Temuzu

    Melee: Battlegrounds Kickstarter (by cRPG devs) - UPDATED THREAD!

    Spiritual successor of "cRPG" November 19th, a new indie game development studio, Donkey Crew, launched a Kickstarter campaign for PC game "Melee: Battlegrounds" - the spiritual successor to the popular Mount & Blade Warband mod cRPG. MBG is a First and Third Person view Medieval Action-RPG...
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    Anyone playing it? TB made a video about it, so check that if you need more information. But basically, the game has you playing as a cyborg samurai ninja with firearms and all sorts of awesome skills, fighting against a decaying human empire of spess...