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  1. youhou

    Peliporukka, Suomen vanhin klaani

    Hyvää joulua ja uusia vuosia! T. Firentis
  2. youhou

    Lifeless: Zombie Apocalypse - Permanently Shelved at the bottom of the ocean.

    Why I can't vote for Helsinki :O? Well I voted for Moscow
  3. youhou

    Apua kaivataan.

    Multiplayer, paremmat kraffat, uusia questeja, uusi factioni, parempi command system, uudet itemit. Nämä siis Warbandissä. Muiksi eroiksi vielä voi laskea modit.
  4. youhou

    Daydream - fantasy mod

    If I'm not too wrong it could fit to orgs with little editing but modding team knows best :P
  5. youhou

    Looking for work

    Well he has been here for awhile, just look at his posts
  6. youhou

    Experienced modeller looking for serious mod

    +1 or join Project Smaug (have no idea what it is but it's something great)
  7. youhou

    OSP 3D Art Smiley stuff OSP

    What's the mesh that you are using for male head?
  8. youhou

    [Warband] Return of the Shadow - Seeking 2D Artist, Apply Within...

    You could ask Brego if he would give some Lotr stuff he made.
  9. youhou

    I made my first model today! (a sword)

    I think your model is good for first tries, here is mine Just wanted to show that its easy to get better. I made that minotaur (cow) head from cylinder and it was pretty soon after that disaster :P. Smoothing isnt good for M&B though or mostly any game.
  10. youhou

    Percy and The Olympians Mod Closed Beta Testers!

    Well I got to say it's not a best subject to make mod because most of the people haven't read the books or watched movie. And the impression that I got from trailer I saw was pretty childish. Secondly it's based on modern world which isn't good for M&B.
  11. youhou

    Redwall Mod

    I can honestly say that the last one is the best of those three
  12. youhou

    Official 3D art thread!

    Well the trick for making amazing models in M&B is making lowpoly that still looks like highpoly and really detailed. I can' t really tell about your model because I haven't seen your model with flat shading (or whatever it is). The most of the models got their magic with textures and normals...
  13. youhou

    Official 3D art thread!

    Yes that's it, thanks. Stupid me I didn't even looked into tutorials forum. Here's update of the armor. The leg protection looks pretty stupid but I dont know how to improve it. Just for presetation I used Narf's gauntlets. The boot are from native and shield is retextured native one. The new...
  14. youhou

    Wings 3d vs. Blender

    Well yeh dds. converter works strangely. For me I first write textures name and then I have to click the texture which name I wrote couple of times instead of just pressing convert button.
  15. youhou

    Wings 3d vs. Blender

    This should help with your problem unless you haven't got a texture
  16. youhou

    Official 3D art thread!

    Thanks for comments. About the heraldric part I didn't find the thread :( and I'm pretty sure it's above my skills.
  17. youhou

    Redwall Mod

    Looks better but still about the sofa thing. You could use like making the base color to bottom and then have another layer and put the picture and change opasity. Would look múch better IMO.
  18. youhou

    Official 3D art thread!

    I got this idea to make knight costume out of vaegir elite armor. Here is what I have done so far. It's still heavily WIP but I am pretty excited about it so I decided to post some pic. The helmet is my old model from Knight's mod and the texture of it's is Couched's. I made the hourglass...