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    Character longevity question

    It's times like this that I realise that forum reputation systems are a good thing.
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    War never ending on all sides!(Also starting new game looking for a new faction)

    Your first point isn't really valid if you consider the fact that Swadians, as noted, are almost always at war with almost everyone, so if a non-Swadian faction tries to use Swadian troops they'll almost certainly get nasty morale debuffs. You're right about the second point, but that's...
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    War never ending on all sides!(Also starting new game looking for a new faction)

    They get, bar none, the strongest overall units in the game i.e. the Swadian Knights. A full retinue of Swadian Knights can just demolish anything in open combat, and still work as very good siege troops (but not the best, arguably that'd be Nord Huscarl for offensive sieges, and Vaegir Marksmen...
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    -- Official Unofficial 'Ask Questions About Warband Singleplayer Here' Thread --

    It should follow the format "[Attack Direction] [Damage][Attack Type]" e.g. a Morningstar that deals piercing damage (I believe that's what they deal, they're spiked after all) would say "Swing 38p". If you're looking to take prisoners then you're looking for hammers, which will be "[Attack...
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    I knew this was coming, but is there any solution? [WON]

    This was a cool thread, I enjoyed the mini-story so kudos OP! As an aside, is it possible to start your own kingdom and then rebel and start another?  :lol:
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    Project Obvious

    I agree. Balancing the Papacy, or the Imams if you're playing as an Islamic nation, could add another great dimension to the game.
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    Typo Thread: Post typo errors you find in SP game here

    Lezalit says (in his introduction): "Better to flog them now, then bury them later." This should be written: "Better to flog them now than bury them later." The unedited sentence means "It is better to flog them now and then to bury them later", meaning it is better than an unstated...
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    I have the Black Mace! I will help people to get it too! :)

    Ah, great idea. My guy has massive Training skill anyway, so he'll raise another army very quickly. Does importing wipe weapons too? I'd hate to lose my double shot carbine. EDIT: Didn't work.
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    Oh now this is boring...

    It was such a buggy mess at release that I barely played it (I also converted the key to get rid of Steam, so I can't really comment on hours). Since the most recent patch it's much more like they obviously intended it to be. I don't begrudge such a small company releasing something in a poor...
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    I have the Black Mace! I will help people to get it too! :)

    This happened to me too when I captured Smolensk on this stage of the quest. I can't transfer Janusz to the city and it just establishes me as a rebel, cancels all quests and then bugs out claiming I've lost the capital I just claimed.
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    Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword 1.141 Patch Review with Ripper X

    Seems a bit disingenuous to speak about yourself in the third person. Unless the below quoted post of yours is incorrect in some way, it would appear you are 'Ripper X'. It might be more honest to say upfront that you've posted a review. Nonetheless I'll check it out.
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    Will you ever add "Create-a-Kingdom" again?

    Sweet! Thanks for letting us know.
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    I want to be a woman.

    Let's be honest: on the list of things that need to be fixed in WFaS, adding female characters is an incredibly low priority.
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    Can you build factory or business in Fire and Sword?

    That sucks. They seem to have unnecessarily cut quite a lot of content. I loved the regular income from dyeworks.
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    (Had a look through, couldn't find anything regarding this): Your own Faction?

    Agreed. Successful revolutions did happen throughout the period.
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    Me too, but I don't have the balls for it. I tend to try and stay at range and snipe. I can't wait to get one of the custom muskets.
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    I've noticed a lot of users and semi-professional reviewers complaining about the sudden change in battle balancing that's come with muskets. I thought we could discuss strategies to deal with the new combat system in this thread. I've personally found that the old 'Fire and Advance' strategy...
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    The game don't work

    A quickfire way to fix the DX9 problems (water disappearing and showing sky textures, shadow-casting objects disappearing etc) is to alt-tab out of and then back into the game. This was true of Warband for ATI users like myself and I've confirmed this works for WF&S. Hope this helps.
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    Units don't level-up!

    Downloaded the international release straight from TaleWorlds and I'm experiencing this bug too. I'm guessing that when the .txt files were translated they ballsed up the compiling of this .txt file.
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    Horrible game

    And with gamers like this on multiplayer, the phenomenon of 'nubs' playing single player becomes a lot clearer.