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  1. Neptuno

    The China custom test server, a petition from our community.

    I am Neptuno, captain of UNC, along with my 31 clan members

    [UNC]暴民 MOB
    [UNC]Cap HD
    [UNC]Sea Raiders

  2. Neptuno

    So where is the Battle Mode server?

    We're still working on the backend that will support continuous battle servers and will open them as soon as the work related to that is complete.
    We have noticed Battle_CN server. Maybe just a test server. Anyway it's a good news for all EA players. Appreciate for your understanding and thanks for your reply and we will post our feedbacks in this forum.
  3. Neptuno

    So where is the Battle Mode server?

    We aren't actually hosting any battle mode servers right now. The ones that are currently available are community hosted as part of the server files test.
    What we urgently need is a official battle server. For we EA&OC players, there's no way to play a EU&NA community-hosted server and have a good experience. It's not fair. And insofar as I can tell, every single EA player is murmuring about that. Plz don't let us down...
    At least let us know the approximate time when the battle mode will be officially released.
    @Callum @Dejan
  4. Neptuno

    Can't wait any longer.

    Every word u said is same for we Chinese players. LCK&LPL we r on the same side this time. And this is not just the problem of 35ms. It's 70ms, even100ms.
  5. Neptuno

    So where is the Battle Mode server?

    "Also lets not forget that this mode comes with 3 new maps, which have also seen small improvements with 1.7.2." After latest update, I still only see deathmatch, siege & duel mode in custom servers. So where is the battle mode server? When will it be officially released anyway?
  6. Neptuno

    Add looter skills to all factions in Team Deathmatch and Siege mode

    Looter perk is definitely OP in siege and TDM. Vlandia and Kuzait have all high-tier troops after the first wave because of it
    That's exactly where the problem lies.
  7. Neptuno

    arrow damage versus heavy armor

    i feel like being 3-4 shot to death(highest damaging bow) while wearing the heaviest armor in the game feels bad
    I suppose "shot" here does not include headshot, right?
    As for the bodyshot, yeah, 3~4 shot to death is the most reasonable.
  8. Neptuno

    Extra loot for Clan Officers

    However, THEY SHOULD make events

    2XP Weekends

    winner multiplier like 1.25 more xp second win in a row and so on
    Agree, great ideas
  9. Neptuno

    What's wrong with the match system?

    Still broken... 2 hour wait times
    I didn't even play Bannerlord last night XD
  10. Neptuno

    What's wrong with the match system?

    Maybe they all play siege or TDM, its been really active since, yeah I guess Thursday ish.
    Understandable. Maybe it's a good thing that siege goes popular again.
  11. Neptuno

    What's wrong with the match system?

    99 level of optimism ?
    Yeah I know XD
    Honestly I don't even believe it by myself when saying that.
  12. Neptuno

    What's wrong with the match system?

    There is only one server running at the moment, so you need to get lucky to get in.
    Yeah that's what I heard of...So what happened with other servers? Could it be possible that devs r using them for Battle Mode test?
  13. Neptuno

    What's wrong with the match system?

    Ongoing problem since Thursday. No response from team yet.
    True, I've seemed at least 3 similar posts complaining on this problem.:sad:
  14. Neptuno

    What's wrong with the match system?

    It takes sooooooooo much time to match in (both skirmish&captain mode) after the latest update. Normally 15min for random, 30min even more for group-up…Plz fix it as soon as possible.
  15. Neptuno

    Ways to counter Rambo Cav?

    EA unc expeditionary forces have been defeated countless times by vov rambo tactic:facepalm:
  16. Neptuno

    Plz fix perk selection

    yes please fix it, and don't forget to also fix the hair clipping thru helmets
    Oh sure, I almost forgot it. Hair clipping is another problem which has excited since customize released.
  17. Neptuno

    Plz fix perk selection

    Every time I rebirth or begin a new round, my perks will reset after last hotfix. Most time I will just forgot it and press f then finding myself grab an useless weapon in Skirmish&Deathmatch. While in Captain, perks reset is more fatal. Improper perks will greatly weaken the combat...
  18. Neptuno

    Sergeants are bugged in Captain

    I remember that last patch log mentioned there would be a big balance update in Captain, also with Rambo problem solved. Really looking forward to it now:wink:
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