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  1. WB [Finale 1.1] Mod NOX RPG / Warband 1.158-1.174

    Bonjour a tous, je suis arrive dans ce forum après avoir joue Bannerlord avec grande déception, même en installant les mods actuels, le jeu reste vide. Les différents royaumes tournent autour de la carte du monde sans but, sans tenir compte de leur historique et sans stratégie. Ils se comportent de la même manière et il n'y a pas vraiment de substance au delà des différentes troupes et apparence des villes.
    Recherchant une expérience plus immersive, je suis retourne dans Warband et par hasard tombe sur ce mod! Je pensais avoir fait le tour des grand mods Warband mais c'est vrai que je regardais plutôt du cote anglophone...j'avais aussi joue a la guerre de cent ans que j'avais trouve pas mal même si non achevé. Nox est incroyable! Quel travail, quelle profondeur. J'ai découvert la semaine passée et n'arrive pas a m'en décoller. Un grand bravo a BerTolkien en tout cas, c'est impressionnant. Finalement le monde de Warband devient vivant avec un sentiment de vrai vie, d'historique, de factions, de complexité des intérêts différents et actions différentes guides par des stratégies spécifiques et non juste des robots qui bougent de manière aléatoire.
    Une suggestion. En ce moment je pense que beaucoup de monde recherche quelque chose de plus que Bannerlord. J'aimerais voir évoluer ce jeu dans le sens de ce que tu as fait avec Nox mais actuellement la version anglaise du mod laisse encore a désirer et il n'est pas évident pour les anglophones. Donc la visibilité et popularité du mod souffre a cause de la traduction. Donc l'exemple qu'il pourrait etre pour Bennerlord est perdu... Je me porte volontaire pour aider a corriger la traduction anglaise si jamais c'est quelque chose qui est encore d'actualité. Merci de me faire savoir! De plus, je peux volontiers travailler sur un guide pour tous les gens qui a moment donne sont perdus (comme moi). Il suffit de me donner une liste brute et je peux en faire qqch de publiable. J'espere que tu trouveras ca utile!

    (désolé pour les accents que j'ai rate, clavier QWERTY)

    A plus
  2. SP Fantasy Nox RPG (Final 1.1 released)

    OK, I returned to Cochemar and advanced to the quest "Find Superunix". Now I have Bronze, Silver and Gold runic keys and also small diamond (I killed the skeleton). I stuck on the right (silver) path -- on the letter 'I' go to the left and in the end I see a deep hole, cannot jump over and no leverage to close the hole. If I jump down there is a door to the the start :sad:
    How can I move forward?
    Hi, this is already over three years ago but there are two "deep holes"; the first you can jump over. The second one you can't. You have to fall down, but do not take the red door. Instead, you have to stand on the moving block and press the button. It will lift you back up like an elevator. You can continue on from there.


    Just to tell you that a WikiNoxRpg is being written. For those who are lost?
    Coming soon!


    Hi BerTolkien, I love your mod. I am spending countless hours getting lost in the quests. I think having a wiki with details walkthrough for quests would help. I am more than willing to help with this if of interest to you. Cheers!

    Hello once again, friend.

    I had set aside this mod for a while after I got stuck again for a loooong time and now decided to get back again, because I find this mod quite intriguing and cool, even though some bugs throughout it.

    So let's get to it, shall we?

    1-) Hellena and Minimos: I looked for Minimos at night but couldn't see him, so I can't bust him while he's harrasing Hellena, I also tried to break in Minimos' house but the door is locked and it tells me something about 'another magical rune'. No more progress from that point :sad:

    2-) Robber of the street signs: After I finished the street signs quest, I'm ordered to catch the thief but he never showed up again. :sad:

    3-) Book: Corsair: I asked 'corsair, fishermen, pirate' related NPC's about this but no mission trigger either. I guess I'll obtain the book during another mission but I'd like some info from you.

    4-) Eight Statuettes: I gathered 7 and I know the last one is located in Notre-Dame. Alas I can't get it while the monk 'Papos' is present. How can I lure him away?

    Waiting for your reply. I hope this is not a dead board yet.

    Much love, a big fan of the mod...

    À bientôt!

    PS: I've already found the armour set of 'Invincible' in the 'Manor Catacombs' but it still appears to be in the inventory manager section. Is it normal?
    HI Jivayr, the monk Papos will leave in the afternoon to have a drink with his friends. You can snatch the statuette then!
  3. SP Medieval 1429: The Hundred Years War

    I can confirm to you that the crosbow can be found, i did the quest once and also lost a lot of time serching for it. Sadly it was long ago and i dont remember any useful tips for you except that its kind of a "invisible" chest, you must walk slowly trough the forest and u will find it.

    Again..... now,in the spirit of the game,I have spent a long time ( too long ) searching for the crossbow in the deer forest,without success. Is it even there to be found ? This mod has some great work to enjoy,but,frustratingly,are some of these quests bugged ?

    in lorges forest the hunter asks me to find his crossbow which I can't find >>>>>> WHERE IS THAT CROSSBOW PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEEEE

    ok, I finally found the darn crossbow....Call me stubborn but I spent hours crawling through the deer forest. So here is some information. First, when you are in the village tavern, ask the hunter to take you there and pay the 20 denars. As soon as you are teleported to the forest, set foot on the ground (dismount) as you will not need the horse. The chest is nearby. Look straight ahead of you and slightly to the left you will see a rock with some mushrooms in front. Walk to it. Then just behing the rock are a bunch of shrubs (small trees/bush). Walk towards that and look to the ground. There is an invisible chest there in the middle of the bush and it will show up as a normal chest. Just open it as usual. Done!
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