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  1. marcusuno

    Developers dont care about Multiplayer

  2. marcusuno

    A bug that has existed since 1 year ago(Captain mode)

  3. marcusuno

    Unable to join the lobby

    Multiplayer is down for the weekend as frequently per month as server crashes per day. One in every three weekends it's down just as every one in three games crash. I'm sure they will have it resolved by next year...
  4. marcusuno

    Clan Tag changed by Taleworlds (Bug?)

    That this thread has gone a full week without even a cursory response from development is disgraceful in itself 😑 sorry about your clan tag.
    I'd just as soon expect servers to stop crashing than for this to be resolved.
  5. marcusuno

    Resolved Khuzait Rabble unit perk "conscript" in Captain mode is bugged

    Hey, forwarded the issue to the team for further inspection. Thank you for your time.
    Surely this means the year long+ glaring balance issue that's ruined every game Khuzait is involved in will soon be addressed and resolved. 🤡
  6. marcusuno

    Resolved Khuzait Rabble unit perk "conscript" in Captain mode is bugged

    Summary: If you are Khuzait and pick the Rabble unit in Captain mode with the perk called "conscript" instead of 5% damage reduction it will give you 50% damage reduction. You need literally 1 minute to fix this, here let me help you: <Effect type="DamageTaken" value="-0.5" /> should be...
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    In Progress Login Error

    I am getting this issue now. Lots of people complaining about it in multiplayer section. Hasn't worked all weekend they say.
  8. marcusuno

    Could not connect to server

    I am getting this issue now
  9. marcusuno

    Are the cRPG devs lying or TW really this bad?

    TW is looking into it and apologizing for the crashes for 3 years now. But don't forget, this is still an early access product...oh wait.
  10. marcusuno

    Most most pressing multiplayer issues.

    New issue popped up today in US East TDM. All players would get around 1k ping and but not disconnect. Everyone just rubberbanding around complaining.
  11. marcusuno

    Please remove the rank system for captains and skirmish

    Remember when games came out and they were actually finished?
    The best example of this is fighting games. I remember when you bought a fighting game and played it to unlock characters. Nowadays you buy a game and it's a base version that will cost 2-3x more to unlock the whole roster. Steam early access was the start. It's been a boon to devs, allowing them to cash in early, but a bane to consumers.
  12. marcusuno

    Multiplayer's future and server population.

    As i've said in other threads, I think the main reason people even played BL MP is because it's the Steam counterpart to the then-EGS exclusive Chivalry 2. Even then, Bannerlord's multiplayer is bad enough that people would rather install the Epic Games Launcher than keep playing the medieval game on Steam.

    And now that Chiv2 is on Steam, platform loyalty's no longer a valid reason to keep playing Bannerlord's multiplayer. Unless you're one of those "don't give the devs your money cuz they took the exclusivity deal in the first place" kind of people.
    It's more fun and rewarding than Chiv 2. I have less than 100 hours between Age of Chivalry, War of the Roses, Chiv, and Chiv 2, but thousands in M&B Warband/Bannerlord MP. I look at Chiv combat like Battlefield/CoD whereas M&B is like Counter-Strike/Jedi Academy.
  13. marcusuno

    In Progress "the application faced a problem" crash while using encyclopedia

    I just started a new game to try the full release. I'm getting this problem too about an hour into the game. Happens 100% of the time the moment I click "Nideon" from the "Joron of Nideon" entry in the encylopedia.
  14. marcusuno

    Captain Mode Troops RP Walk with 1.0

    Ever since 1.0 troops have no sense of urgency and RP walk all the time. Tell them to follow? Tell them to move? Tell them to fall back? They RP walk and neglect to fire, turn, fight back. It's a new broken feature. Please fix, it's very annoying. It's broken another aspect of the game completely.
  15. marcusuno

    cRPG mod issue

    Glad to hear the mod devs are hard on hate speech and racism.

    Try changing your Steam account name. If that doesn't work you might need to create a new steam account and buy the game again... unless someone else has a more clever idea.
  16. marcusuno

    OCE servers for ps4 and ps5

    why does the duel server vanish after 10 minutes and return 20 minutes later.

    Vake - on ps4
    Welcome to bannerlord multiplayer. This is how multiplayer servers have worked since the start of bannerlord early access on PC. Sometimes the servers crash and don't come back up for hours or days. Unfortunately, it's gotten worse over time and not better. They've hidden these facts and have barely addressed it at all since the beginning.

    I had a bit of hope it would be better on release or consoles but guess console players have to deal with it too now.
  17. marcusuno

    GK NA Battle Feedback

    Move to NA Central. Being NA east cucks alot of West Coast and Canadian Players with high ping, Catering to EU is fine, but when your hurting alot of NA players whats the point? They have their own servers, why cuck alot of us with 90+ ping when its supposed to be our main server.
    "No one should have a smooth experience. **** population centers. Move servers to Nebraska. Cuck everyone!" 🤡
  18. marcusuno

    GK NA Battle Feedback

    Server offline
  19. marcusuno

    TW says that MP is in a "good" place in latest gamescom video

    I'm bitter they locked this thread with 0 reply.
    They don't say a word on the steam discussions but lock that one thread. The shame of it!
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