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  1. Beau Vine

    Need More Info How To Refund?

    The amount of stuff 1.10 broke in weird ways drives in the fact that TWO YEARS after release, this game is still a paid eternal beta test.
    The idea of dfisabling achievements (those which happen to work at any moment) for those using mods is just insult to injury.

    This game is sold via false advertising, and until it is finished, especially if new updates BREAK more stuff than they fix, it should be refundable.
  2. Beau Vine

    Resolved Option to talk to army members from clan disappeared when on the move

    The unmitigated disaster that is 1.10 continues. New one - can no longer Talk to party leader when on the move to give them additional troops ie when a clan member was recalled and bumps us over, resulting in desertions. This mess is as sad, as it is complately unsurprising. I've had hopes...
  3. Beau Vine

    In Progress Win condition bugged - war progress stays at -100 with last, fiefless Empire faction

    Great, thanks for directing to the right spot!

    Uploaded three saves:

    Ślōnsk.sav is the newest. Northern Empire was last with -100 at around day 228 of war with them (screens), in-save it's day 268 of the war. The NE retained around 25 clans (got a bump from Souther Empire expiring), more than any other in game, ie Vlandia, Aserai have 15 and 13, Aserai only 10 clans.
    Spisek.sav - Western Empire when defeated quickly got a monit on not existing. Northern Empire with 0 fiefs and 12 clans, Southern Empire still exists.
    Rzepka.sav is the save when Northern Empire still had any fiefs, before the Istiana plot triggers.
  4. Beau Vine

    In Progress Win condition bugged - war progress stays at -100 with last, fiefless Empire faction

    Summary: Defeated Northern Empire before the Conspiracy quest passed 2000 points. From thereon, the war status stays at -100. Southern and Northern empires got an elimination prompt shortly after becoming fiefless. But after defeating Southern Empire, the progress with NE stays at -100, even...
  5. Beau Vine

    Own kingdom pointless

    Strategical peace to shore up defences / focus on one side of the map.

    Set your kingdom where you can defend it (I like edges of the map and near long seas)

    Waging war on enemy territory means you weaken them even if you don't hold territory.

    Attacking cities/castles of enemy clan will help you keep relationship high.

    You NEED to pull enemy clans to your side.

    Best keep your companions in own army, because AI throws away elite units with no care.

    Pull big armies and disband them to cause your lords to recruit where (and what) you want them to recruit.

    Counter attack enemy armies when they've bled on walls of your city/castle.

    Set traps with low count high level garrisons. AI beelines for garrisons with low number of units even if it's Palatinates, Fians and Darkhans.

    Don't overextend, and supply own cities with food, but also control garrisons, and use their recruitment, especially to pull cavalry.

    Winning as own kingdom is just a matter of strategy, might not work on first few tries, but that doesn't make it "pointless".

    tl:dr - git gud.
  6. Beau Vine

    The real current problem of this game in terms of balance

    Even the introduction of names showing helps. Maybe with good scouting we could see the heroes we tagged as favourite?

    I got to equal clans with other nations, but then chasing indovidual noble house leaders gets a bit much. Then again - if you poach them while at war - you get their cities for free, which is nice.
  7. Beau Vine

    On Crafting Orders

    The value of orders could be a tutorial guiding new players to what's well priced in Calradia. And it could be a way for finding new components for specific kind of weaponry.

    It's really nice addition, and could be a trove for modders.
  8. Beau Vine

    High death counts makes me lose heart

    Attrition in wars can easily be from capturing the nobles, so they don’t respawn. Reduce chance to escape instead of every noble being Houdini.
    To clarify - it's not that I don't care about some NPCs, but rather that I see them dying as an important feature.

    Even wrote a commemorative pseudo history recount for a quest :grin: It's based on AI duking Escarand out. One party moved towards me, Escarand engaged because his party thought the other would join, but they ran to garrison. Ending life of one of best Vlandian generals at like year 3.

    But instead of risk % I'd hope it's just the same (if it works how I think it does) as when a unit is wounded/dies - by their hp float when the final blow is cast. And maybe they should run from battlefield or engage based on their traits. Makes some cautious well armoured ones unkillable unless the float, or alternatively single-hit damage goes over certain treshold that'd require either an elite headshot or player taking things in their hands. Hunting nobles is a fun interlude if you can spot them.

    Escarand's Folly:
  9. Beau Vine

    High death counts makes me lose heart

    If a country is constantly at war, and losing engagements, they should have losses instead of this eternal war of suicidal immortals who re-spawn immediately with 20 units including elites.

    And this about time when kings and rebel leaders died of complications (Zizka), or ass wounds, or good old ****s.

    The flat % on simulated losses is an issue, but I'd think more for elite units than for nobles. Silly deaths are likewise an issue, but more for infantry mobs spawning around cavalry that ostensibly has enemy cut-off from reinforcements.

    Getting attached to NPCs is hopefully not something devs put as priority.
  10. Beau Vine

    Catching faster group by outmaneuvering them

    As most of you probably know, it's a bug.

    Saving and reloading fixes it.
  11. Beau Vine

    Catching faster group by outmaneuvering them

    Hello, Back to 1.5.5 after a long hiatus I was surprised to find missing a feature that was present since 1.0: cornering enemies. Since early builds it was possible and in many ways useful (ie shepherding multiple smaller groups of bandits, cutting off smaller portions of disbanded army or...
  12. Beau Vine

    Negative Influence

    lol ya hasn't everyone?

    I'm mostly opposed to the faction leader over riding to land grab and ending up with negative influence. If the negative influence ended in relation loss and support, it might be a good time for another suggestion I made. A coup d'etat. When relations get down to a certain point you could use your influence to start a vote for a new ruler or something similar.
    As is when the ruler has low or negative influence he can't raise an army which is detrimental to the faction.

    I don't know if it's based on influence, but devs did hint at mechanic like this being planned but not implemented yet. I keep hoping clans like Boar clan, Lake Rats and The Hand tie into this system somehow. Because the rebels could start at either pre-set or null influence as well, being a new faction.
  13. Beau Vine

    Resolved Custom control groups and higher spawns on top of enemy

    Hi, does the troops spawn at high points (mountain tops, cliff tops) and fall, or do you mean another situation? If it's different, can you tell me the names of these maps?

    I can see approximately where they are by holding alt - it's far forward from usual troops, on the line between myself and enemy, but if I recall them immediately only a few fall - so I assume they spawn in front of, but close to enemy.

    On village battles they seem to spawn in the village centre.

    I'll start gathering screenshots, but how do I tell what's the name of a map? Also, the screens will at earliest start coming in late next week - move and job change.
  14. Beau Vine

    Castle militia, Can i reduce them ?

    I am not sure what that means but "prosperity" also increases the food consumption. There are more houses/people the food source can satisfy? Not sure.
    So even when I reduced the garrison I had food shortage. Recently I discovered that possibly "buying out" all food in town also can cause problems. With castles if the villages were raided too much I had also food shortage in castle.

    This is currently a huge exploit, although devs seem to be tinkering with it, though are keeping mum about details.

    If you leave certain goods in the village (such as furs and sumpter horses) it'll raise prosperity. I'm not sure how offloading looter rags affects it. Recently it was changed and the rags stay in the village, I assume until it's raided. I'm wondering how regular items and gold affect prosperity, but the only info I've found was when they nerfed the effect of aforementioned luxury goods, no idea how gold and loot change it.

    When you lead an army, other parties will always buy out all food. And get recruits even from burned enemy villages. I typically sell them some high tier food - it's prices are high, and you only need to plug the immediate hole in availability caused by your visit. I kind of like it from immersion POV when 2nd crusade was going through Byzantine empire lands, a war almost started because they really robbed locals from anything and everything they could.

    So I never visit own fiefs with an army, and you can use this to influence wars between 3rd countries, helping them hold off Khuzaits/Vlandians depending on which side of the map your focus lies in.
  15. Beau Vine

    (Suggestion) Have upgrading troops only in Towns or Castles and also allow multiple leveling.

    I love how it's currently - lets me advance them straight after battle, or right before as was done ie by king Jagiełło at battle of Grunwald/Tannenberg in 1410.

    Especially since I've had the pleasure of promoting and being promoted at field camps in scouts, and that felt much more special than the regular advancements when not on raid (not sure what terms anglophone scouts use - I mean long marches / mountain runs with other activities tied in) felt meh.

    So specifically for immersion and based on historical events I really like possiblity of granting field promotions.
  16. Beau Vine

    What's the point of Tier 6 units?

    Like that one bug where if you squatted ten times on one particular pixel in one battle scene the game crashes or something?

    Or is it this arrow doing noughtpointtwofourninenine more damage than they feel it should you mean?

    You're asking for minor changes here and there to a system that's fundamentally brok- BUT BUT BUT in their defense, they are working on this spectacular new patch that's gonna fix that one arrow doing noughtpointtwofourninenine damage more than it ought to. See? They know their priorities.

    People keep underestimating this, but the game is literally unplayable (as in will crash immediately, or freezes for minutes at a time between single frames) for a number of players.
    They need that fixed before they add variables to a problem they are yet to find cause of.
  17. Beau Vine

    Castle militia, Can i reduce them ?

    Worst yet - watch your garrisons.

    "Allied" lords have a nasty habit of dropping off 100 peasants when you're not watching.
  18. Beau Vine

    Negative Influence

    Never worked with a lovable idiot?

    They want you removed from responsibility, but not the guest list to a party.
  19. Beau Vine

    Resolved Custom control groups and higher spawns on top of enemy

    Probably related to "Some of the villages have spawn points problems". Most villages, but also many battlefield scenes spawn control groups 5 and higher (only tested 5 and 6) on top of enemy troops. Valley battlefield (the road in small canyon, the narrowest map) will sometimes spawn parts...
  20. Beau Vine

    Can we do something about the khuzaits?

    Of course I know Damascus steel, but my limited knowledge on metallurgy tells me that Damascus steel only look pretty, and many expensive daggers nowadays are made from Damascus. They are more for art display than actual battles. I don't believe that muslim soldiers were wearing mail made from Damascus steel back then. They were expensive and perform worse than normal steel for battle.

    Wootz steel is easy to spot because of the pattern, and there are many techniques for re-creating similar patterns, but that is NOT what makes is superb. If anything that made people chase in circles as they succesfully recreated the pattern but had it fall short of the original properties. Funny thing is, that the truth is closer to what contemporaries blew off as the more obvious myth, that they were quenched in blood - because it's the quenching process, not the pattern that was key - but that was only "discovered" in Europe in XIX/XX c, and only after it was known, and microimaging processes developed was it finally found to be present in Wootz steel.

    The real secret was not the pattern itself (feasible to reproduce and why contemporaries focused on this easy to spot factor) nor even what hid in it (which was unknown until post-industrial technology) but how they prepared the ingots in such a way that the end product took advantage of those properties.

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