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  1. Lords leave all the time

    Just paid adram ~10 mil Denars to join me, supported him up to 100 influence or so, the next day he left my kingdom. This happens over and over again. If this is working as intended, there should be reprucusions for leaving. This seems seriously broken. I even gifted land and they still leave.
  2. In Progress Nobody knows the answer

    I found a mod called party ai something and it lets me put inventory such as good with my companions as well as command them. I haven’t had the morale issue yet with new games and new mods but I’ll test and see if the companions actually use the food I give them or just store it as extra bag space.
  3. Resolved This has gone on too long

    @Ncallstar08 you might want to change the title to describe the issue that you are having, it makes it easier for devs to get notified and track bugs. It's also a little difficult to understand what might be going on unless you share more details (what patch is this in? is it a brand new save or was it created in an older patch? any mods?)

    Ok will do if I post another one but this is like the third one I posted.
  4. Resolved This has gone on too long

    Guess it’s only me and my game that does this. Cool.
  5. Resolved This has gone on too long

    Do your companions have leadership stat? If they're bad leaders, they may not be able to lead troops.
    Their own
  6. Resolved This has gone on too long

    Please can someone help clarify why my companions parties lose morale. I have plenty of food myself and their morale goes down to 0 until all troops desert then companion gets taken by looters. No one seems to have this issue which makes me think I’m missing a mechanic. Can someone please help...
  7. Please implement....

    My biggest concern right now is the morale in companions party going down to 0. I notice they are waiting in towns of mine that have no food for whatever reason. (Yea castle is maxed with irrigation)

    aesthetic is cool for the armor but I don’t think armor has to do with them losing a battle or getting captured
  8. Please implement....

    I would like to have the ability to tell my companion to take his party and wait for me in a specified town or castle. I would also like to be able to inspect his gear and his prisoners.
    You can give him gear via inventory and click arrows over to your companion.
  9. Please fix

    Still can’t put more than 40 troops in a garrison before they starve with max projects and daily default irrigation. Also wish they would increase the size of looters as your army grows. It takes me at least a week to find any looters over 29 for my size 600 army to level. Finally, really...
  10. Please reduce

    Please reduce the amount of times other factions go to war with me. I can’t even stay at 700k gold because I have to pay the increased 400-1mil price to get peace. I can’t play or progress when every week 3 factions declare war on me. I can’t even get my first vassal because those prices too...
  11. Game breaking?

    Ever since I got 1.3 peace treaties are almost a million gold, vassals are over a million. I have to spend almost a mil at least once a weed to keep peace how can I also pay over a mil for vassals at this rate?
  12. Please implement....

    The ability to click on parties in our kingdom and have them defend/attack a certain city/ castle. Also the ability to give our companions food for their parties would be great! Having the lowest tier soldiers push the ram would also be a plus. Finally, for now, where are the damn charm...
  13. Mechanic or bug?

    I thought this was fixed but in 1.3 it started happening again mid game. My companions party run out of morale and troops desert until I bring them to my army to feed them. Maybe this is a mechanic with villages not having food but it’s very frustrating to have a solid companion led party only...
  14. Resolved Spicevendor and hyena followers

    Thanks for the reply
  15. Resolved Spicevendor and hyena followers

    I see them in the district but they don’t give me the option for me to hire them. Is there a known bug about this or am I doing something wrong? In a video I heard someone say “my spicevendor companion” thanks
  16. Saving lives

    For castles i get all my troops to stand at the back and once the gate goes down charge in and kill everyone(the quickest option)
    for towns i siege it till all the walls are broken to rush in through the broken walls as the enemy's are split up between two broken always it is easir however time consuming waiting for the siege weapons to be built

    I actually welcome enemy armies to come attack as so i can whoop their ass and level up my troops lol , i can always coem back and siege again

    do you ever adjust the treb or stone ballista or just let it go and eventually wall will come down. I’ve never seen a wall break but then again I don’t wait around and I use a lot of fire siege to counter archers.
  17. Resolved [Bug, Trade] Gain trade skill by discarding items

    But you don’t get gold for discarding so why would u do that?
  18. Cost of peace

    I don't know how the peace cost is calculated, but my last war only cost me 45k to end, even though they were a lot stronger than me in kingdom strength.
    It used to cost that idk how it’s calculated either ever since switching to beta 1.3 it was 400-800k for peace
  19. Cost of peace

    Maybe kinda off-topic, but... "I'd like to choose when I go to war". That's not how this works. Other factions can declare war. It would be boring if the only way to initiate a war was the player declaring it.

    That said, AI could do for less warmongering *cough Sturgia declaring war on everyone all the time and getting obliterated in record time every playthrough*
    I mean my army declares war every week sometimes two factions at a time right after I paid 800k for peace
  20. Does main story expire or is it fixed

    The timer applies to the first phase of the main storyline.
    The investigation prior to pledging allegiance to a lord or creating your own kingdom.
    There was a bug that caused the time out to occur after the decision, which was fixed. You can still time out prior to the decision. You have 10 years from game start till time out.

    It's not been forgotten but rescuing your family has not yet been implemented.

    thanks but why does there have to be a timer at all? And my issue was (made new playthrough for 1.3) the conspiracy part would expire and reappear.Constant messages.
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