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  1. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Nice to see you, too, Der Hengist  :smile:

    And you all, good Summer, take care  :wink:
  2. Skandinav

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Narf's Plate Armour Pack (UPDATED FOR WARBAND, 06/11/10)

    Despite having fought in your masterly armors for years I never got to thank you, Narf. This resource is one of the greatest services done to the WB community. Thanks!

    Any chance an update could see some of the gilded armors, gauntlets and helmets in pure steel only?
  3. Skandinav

    Melee: Battlegrounds Kickstarter (by cRPG devs) - UPDATED THREAD!

    This is the most exciting game under development for any WB fan, go spill your in-group out-group psychology elsewhere.
  4. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}


    Real busy, what about you?  :smile:
  5. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Nice but wtf, very, very odd to make a Total War 'Grandmaster' collection first and foremost without the original Shogun and Medieval (still best main game in the series), and even then without the expansions which are the absolute height of the series; Mongol Invasion for Shogun 1, Viking Invasion for Medieval 1 and Barbarian Invasion for Rome.

    But I've actually installed Shogun 2 just yesterday myself :smile: hope it turns out to be decent enough, not a fan of weaboos and Tom Cruise samurai Hollywood fantasy stuff (nor the direction CA has taken with the latest intallments).
  6. Skandinav

    Vølvens Spådom (animationsfilm)

    Part 1 Part 2
  7. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Looks like her but my gf was right then.

    Here comes Honey Boo Boo Season 1 Episode 1 Part 1

    The intellectual height of The Learning Channel, hereby recommended.
  8. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Shema, is that avatar 'Mama' from 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'?
  9. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Love the obvious racism of Zwarte Piet; Saint Nicholas' servant just had to be a black man in 1845.
  10. Skandinav

    Avgift per månad?

    Det er vist også noget med at der er større fortjeneste for TaleWorlds hvis man køber det direkte fra dem af; var i hvert fald derfor jeg købte mit dér igennem.
  11. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    What I've also spammed out website with; Hotline Miami.

  12. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Very impressive, Titan.
  13. Skandinav


    Svenskerne er flest her ligesom i den virkelige, ikke-virtuelle verden.
  14. Skandinav

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Who've made the excellent Einherjar logos that I've seen Broom, Corey and Mitchell use?
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