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  1. humility925

    no subtitles after install mod

    I just pick and find mod to install, but thing is, there is no longer subtitles after install mod, Detailed Character Creation Beta AutoTrader 1.1.0 UnblockDLL1.4 Mod Configuration Menu Women in Calradia Harmony Butterlib UIExtenderEX Butrloader Unlimited Smithing Heal on Kill Bahamut's Armory...
  2. humility925

    An idea on how to make Companions matter a little bit more

    Only thing companion is little useful is custom outfit, and little power over skill, as long they are immotral, but if they are not immortal, and option death is on, then companions is useless, there is no reason to use companion, just use normal troop to fill spot, cheaper that way. But if death is off, and low level to chance to level up way you want companion, then that companion may be very useful, along edit their look, skill, plus little more than that, would be great. I felt that companion is not very useful when come to death is on, age is on.
  3. humility925

    Cavalry downgraded in 1.8.0

    Is it bug or they change design of a.i or something, because 1.8 seem worst than 1.7 for melee Cavalry. In 1.7 melee Cavalry are petty good, not bad, but 1.8 it's just much worse, it's not working, not do good job at all. It's like melee Cavalry ran pass saying please kill me, but I won't want to kill you or something like that.
  4. humility925

    Will FailWorlds ever apologize and explain what happened?

    What did Taleworld do wrong? I don't see Taleworld do anything wrong, and I knew that they do tried their best to work on game and upgrade lot of often. Yes, they do experiment and explore, to see player's feedback, up and down, change up and down, they tinker game lot to get better game in long terms, even thought it's might cause other player uncomfortable. I don't think they doing anything wrong other than they just doing their job to make better game by experiment and tinker to see if player happy or unhappy, they don't do it for fun cause player unhappy, they doing it to make great game, trying to understand what good and what bad game. So No, they don't need to apologized unless they are abandoned game, then even they abandoned game, what good is apologized is it? I prefer they came back and improve a game like a good game developer like a good boy loyal dog, not coward and traitors abandoned game, unless it's good reason to abandoned game, that is.
  5. humility925

    Overburdened Companion and Mercenary parties.

    Thank you, but how about melee cavalry fix? I had issues with melee cavalry as kind of useless, while melee cavalry are perfect work in 1.7.2, so any mod fix melee cavalry for 1.8? I don't know they would fix that or not any time soon.
  6. humility925

    Do you enjoy smithing?

    I'm not trolling, you can't expect everyone same mindset. Everyone had a difference taste.
  7. humility925

    Do you enjoy smithing?

    I think it's petty cool to roleplaying smithy but problem is too grinding and too limited reward (I wasn't talk about money, it's just quest/order offer mere tiny gold, not beyond than that. Smithy should be very good profit, but downside, you too busy working on smith rather than battle, more or less, Smith is always useful to army, it's core to keep all weapon and armor in good health and even design better than normal, so I am glad it's part of game, but there is no craft of arrow/bow/armor, even horse armor to make custom looking, and personal touch. But Biggest problem is just too grinding and rest lot of to level up to get what you want, and too many locked, and unlocked weapon random, it's take forever if playing normal game without cheat/mod that allowed to unlock all items, even then, rest then craft, then rest, then craft, buy lot of wood and iron again and again, it's not fun. Should smithy part of game, oh yes, but should be lot of grinding? No, no way.

    While Smithing should be very profit, it's second since everything other can be profit too, trade, raiding, loot, quest's paycheck, so go on but real a main reason is personal craft your own looking/damage/speed weapon/armors, and role playing in medieval age.
  8. humility925

    Need More Info Cavalry AI downgraded in 1.8.0

    Melee Cavalry isn't working correcty on player side, so yes, something wrong with it, 1.7.2 Melee Cavalry are petty ok, good. but not 1.8.
  9. humility925

    Ladies with no parents.

    I noticed this as well.
  10. humility925

    1.80 Smithing I don't get it

    Smithing is very tense to leveling and unlock without mod/cheat, trade skill to 300 is very tense without mod as well. So yes, I know what was like.
  11. humility925

    What would you like to do with your wife ?

    Wow, that is amazing! I downloaded it.

    Thank you for let me know!

    Edit:Oh, well, that seem very limited than I thought, it's nice to gave 20 more health bonus. Not sure if anymore bonus
  12. humility925

    What makes Bannerlord dull

    Lack of quest/goal, lack of interesting conversation with companions/spouse/follower, too limited of skill due cap leveling system, leveling slow as snail at same time couple quest required certain skill, but player can't because skill spent are limited, (30 level, and you can't unlock everything to keep going, it's go home(can't take quest or can't do this due skill allowed) or go big,

    You are had to choice great warrior but can't lead man good, or be great leader, but as warrior painful to fight that can lead dull game because you can't do or had fun as great warrior and great leader at same time, for example. auto trade would be nice since some player want world peace, and making united whole faction without war goal but it's painful slow to level up trade and gain gold and do this routes while combat is more fun, faster leveling, so go on. That's what bannerlord in long term become dull, I think, Correct me wrong or add to feedback, I guess.
  13. humility925

    Is the dynasty mechanic wasted feature and is it also the reason fast paced combat agenda pushed by TW?

    I do prefer play main character (immortal) rather than take over a.i design of character that mess up or not felt belonging, more fun that way for me than take over stranger children to play that I do not design or not representation of my idea. Those question is kind of little fishty, it's mean many reason why people might playing main character, one might gave age and children slow grow, other don't want take over, they want play with main character, if main character die, game over, even there is child that could take over and play, other want similar game style older classic mount and blade, pure main character roleplaying, no other character.

    here is thing next children, world is changing, tech, all that, are we going to had game that sword, riding horse to gun, tanks, aircraft, to spacecraft? Next children often do not go throught same experience, one are rich and powerful, but next children is poor, weak, even die alone without making family, or one become disability leading no where life improve but trapped, so go on.

    I don't see any point playing main character that we design and invest only got deleted and a.i random gave you npc (children) to play that you might not enjoy that character.
  14. humility925

    Garrison troops don't heal?

    I think castle and town should had highest medicine skill as always since there should be always doctor or healer live in castle and town at least.
  15. humility925

    Serious issue with gameflow

    My surgeon is highly skilled. The problem isn't getting troops for me (I can just replace losses with prisoners). The problem is the other parties in the army.
    Other parties in the army, what do you mean?
  16. humility925

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    So you agree that limitations in a game are what makes it interesting, and that "more freedom" is not necessarily good.

    I'm not saying that there are more elite troops than normal ones. I'm saying that there are just too many elite troops. Refer to the earlier post. 70% of troops are normal and 30% are elite. I'm proposing it should be 85% normal and 15% elite.

    Children shouldn't be playing a mass murder game where you kill 10,000+ people anyway. Being old doesn't make it hard to play singleplayer games, one of the posters here (archaicwarrior) is 60 IIRC, and nobody over 80 has ever heard of a "mount and blade". The only disability which would make it hard to play games is being blind.

    Reducing the amount of elite recruits from 30% to 15% is not going to make the game significantly harder or grindier, because it will apply to the AI as well as the player, so they will be at the same disadvantage.

    It will only make the game take more grind if you are obsessively dedicated to only ever having a 100% elite party and never hiring regular troops. And it won't even be insurmountably difficult for you, either. But if it is too much, you can always use cheats.

    For normal people who recruit a balanced army composition, it will not increase the game's difficulty or grindiness at all.

    What it will do is:
    1) Make elite troops feel more special, as they are more rare.
    2) Improve immersion.
    3) Make the perk to upgrade bandits to elite recruits comparatively more useful as a supplementary way of getting elite recruits.
    4) Make the Vlandian Vanguard and Khuzait Heavy Horse Archer more viable compared to the Banner Knight and Khan's Guard.
    5) Increase the variety in the game and player armies.
    6) Reduce the issue of the player being at a disadvantage if they choose to pass up excessive amounts of elite recruits.

    More freedom but not that cheat level is what I was in my mind.

    15% eltite isn't good, 30% is more reaonable at least on normal level for common people to enjoy rather than not getting troop they want then end up not enjoy the game even on easy mode, easy mode should had something like 40% noble. 15% is making less thing to do in gameplay and that is not good as some don't want normal troop or some want horsemen right off bat, or whatever reason they prefer, they would still won't hire normal troop and waiting then looking noble, that is more cost time to them, and they would find game bored, nothing but waiting and try find noble unless normal troop already had horse or free upgrade without buy mount, without spent time seaching mount to buy and very costy at that, is why some seek noble in first place.

    That's why I suggest free upgrade mount for normal troop, they might willing get normal more likely rather than waiting and try find noble only because had mount right off the bat and not had to search mount to buy costly mount.

    People's body is not same thing, some elder need help with easy going due body slow reaction so they need more help powerful unit to winning without cheat.

    There is game that do make harder for some disability, like deaf, some game's sound help winning while deaf wasn't hear, some are mental disability, I believe it's may be more common than people believe, at least in american, there disabiliy can't use hand but use eye on computer to work, so go on. There is couple deaf I knew do play game, and disability mental as well.

    Believe or not, there is children do play game, even some don't follow policy rule said age 18 at least but didnt', since it's more of a guideline than a rule (well only for warband, but children do play (mostly male) battle many couple game, even point of Mortal kombat that are worst than this game but not real because breaking bone but still fighting as normal, so go on.

    There is fine line between easy going and cheat, there, but fine line between normal and hard, what you want and talk about isn't easy or cheat, you want harder game in general as primary, that is big no no, that is should go for option, not primary.
    I suppose they could add silder option how many noble number in game, same for slow or fast leveling in option, so go on.

    Hard, slow, painful should be option, not primary official. I wasn't talk about cheat, I was talk about game enjoy on easy go or simple go at basic, anything more are option like harder, or difficulty or painful to get in game.

    Game should be entertainment, game shouldn't painful, slow that eat up real life time, unfun.
  17. humility925

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    that is way extremely more than what I meant and explain, not that far to point of cheat, cheat and easy is not same thing.

    In current 1.7, I find more normal troop than elite troops, where town had number of village and town itself that had lot of normal troop and no elite troop there, meanwhile castle don't had any troop but village linked to castle do had elite little more than normal troop that together, but normal troop is still more number than elite do due town and village, and even elite's village linked to castle, it's reasonable balanced and I do not think that many noble since town and village offer normal troop far more than elite do.

    There is Elders, disability and children do play game as well, is part reason why default should be prime easy, while hard is options.

    My experience that I saw too many game and knew that common people prefer easy/normal, faster pace game rather than slow, painful hard grinding game that played by few for over my experience 20 years in many different game.

    Slow or limited would cause people bored, because well, limited action, less to do, very slow gameplay then there more freedom offer lot thing to do, faster pace (whatever it's faster leveling, faster gain troop, ect) would keep them more busy during actions, less bored for people.
  18. humility925

    How is everyone's morale these days?

    Sadly, often when corporation or goverment had been getting bigger, so was a corruption got bigger, but even with corruption, bigger still better due power and money for some reason, if one stay small and clear of corruption, it's might got eat by bigger goverment or corporation (whatever bought out or conquest or something ect) nearly by. Correct me wrong? But as corruption slowly like diseases killing body, so corruption killing goverment/corporation as time went by, more or less, I guess unless there is cure for it (basic good people replaced bad people or bad people turn back to good)
  19. humility925

    1.7 - Too many noble troops available

    I should say glancing through this thread I find myself agreeing with five bucks. We definitely need the elites dialed back. They're my favorite troops, but I want them to stay special not be the default units for a player.
    default is up to player and choice, if you don't want to use it, simple don't use it. take away freedom of gameplay from player is more harm than good or limited gameplay may cause other player bored with game, since not everyone had same taste of gameplay rule, so more freedom is better so it's leave to player's choice how gameplay is played, rather than limited for few's favorite rule of gameplay because all player's personal gameplay rule is not same mind, same interesting.

    I don't think sacrifice that freedom for benefits of few, hardcore or one who are unable had no self control when come to gameplay is worth it. Casual gamer isn't interesting in that kind of limited gameplay and there is major more casual gamer than hardcore or one who can't control themself limited of gameplay on based of their idea. Casual gamer prefer easy going gameplay and there is offer for them.

    As I said before, it's better to buff normal troop, not nerfed those noble troop. nerfed is not always good thing, and it's better to buff other to keep up.

    This had been number of time in many game and it's don't work well in past, couple people losing interesting in the game when too many nerfed.

    There is already people not happy and find it's bored to recruit troop while losing lot of troop already in other post when come to large army fighting short battle already! Like this one

    Some might like slow, but some like fast, it's can be leveling, it's can be getting kingdom, it's can be any kind type of gameplay, Some think it's too slow, some think it's too fast, where is fine line? Maybe best option of gameplay like how fast or slow leveling is, how fast you get type of troop, how high number of troop you can get in game since everyone's personal is difference taste of gameplay since not all are same taste.

    People already found it's bored to grind leveling system to get 300 or 330 here and there, while other said too easy, but other said too much grind, why? Because everyone had difference idea how fast or slow it go, and no one are same mind, same interesting, so freedom and option is way better for everyone than limited gameplay for few.

    Mod for hardcore, official for common, casual people that offer more freedom, quicker than limited, slower, if limited then it's should be make from mod, not official version, since casual people don't seek mod that much.

    If one want limited or make game harder or slower, then leave that for mod, but Official version should forced on easy, quicker (faster leveling, faster to get more troop, building getting done sooner, ect) fun game for all kind type of people.
  20. humility925

    Serious issue with gameflow

    Best for now is medical skill, very high medical skill, but it's petty painful to leveling up, but once it's very high, you had only need little bit time of getting new troop while healing all your troop that would be killed but end up wound as well. Same for engineer Skill if you keep attacking castle/town to taken over. High Medical and Engineer, and less need to get new troop but you had to spent time to link wound, thought.

    As some said, best is heavy cavalry archers, it's won't get in melee risk losing, and stay alive as well, unless other enemies army had full cavalry archer, then och!. So cavalry archer with high medical skill ensure you don't need new troop, when you know what to do with cavalry archer (basic follow me while ensure all your troop don't go into melee, if arrow ran out, then get all your troop out of map and start over again to refill arrow for whole troop, this is way.
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