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  1. Rungsted93

    Multiplayer campaign (Co-op)

    There's a mod in progress, but progress is going slow sadly.
    But I agree TW should add it as a DLC with no pauses at all, if people don't like it like that just don't buy/play it. And if anything I would say no pauses would actually force players to work together even more as you need to think more strategically.
  2. Rungsted93

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Nice patch guys, credit should be given where it's due.
  3. Rungsted93

    Native OSP Scenes Bannerlord Creative Competition 2: Scene Design Contest Pack

    The rules specifically stated that they would not be integrated into the base game.
    That's clear, but I don't understand why not. Could have custom loading screens for these scenes giving credit to the authors like "Created by XXX for the Bannerlord Creative Contest 2"
  4. Rungsted93

    Banner Editor

    I had missed the part about it taking him 4 hours to do... This is beyond embarrasing for TW! Laziest developers ever
  5. Rungsted93

    Banner Editor

    Bloc once again outdoing TW.... For real though how can you have such a poor banner editor in a game called "Bannerlord" ?
  6. Rungsted93

    Please fix retreating enemies

    How did they not catch this ? It even happens when fighting bandits... Very annoying
  7. Rungsted93

    Please fix retreating enemies

    Hello all, Since the full release, whenever enemies flee from a battle it seems if they're more than 10-20 you have to re-fight them in a second battle. This is quite annoying and I don't get the logic behind it. Instead they should become deserters or something like that.
  8. Rungsted93

    Forum days are over

    The most frustrating thing is we can all see what Bannerlord could've been, the foundation is truly there but it feels like TW is constantly cutting every single possible corner they can. They've sold millions of copies and given the currency exchange Armagan's family should be able to live like Sultans the next 5 generations, there's no excuse why they can't allocate a small 5 man team to just go crazy with adding features like modders do in their spare time. Then all the others can be allocated to their Space game or whatever since I think they just want to move on from Bannerlord (which I kind of understand having worked on it for 10+ years)
  9. Rungsted93

    ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    At this point if TW have no intention of taking the game to the next level they should assemble a team of the best modders and pay them and see what they could do. Sort of like Viking Conquest Reforged but still built on Native.
    Then TW can focus on their Space game which no one cares about nor ever asked for
  10. Rungsted93

    Seriously, what happened?

    I don't understand why people give them so much credit for making such a complex game, you all are aware they did it once with the original M&B & Warband right? It's not like they had to come up with all this stuff again. And this time they had 100 employees, mods to draw inspiration from, and 10 years of development time. And yes it's obvious from the older videos that a lot of it was playable, faking such videos would be next to impossible and look way more janky.
    Now the big question is what happened from 2015-2020? I think it's quite clear things were going nowhere and they couldn't decide what the final version should even be and ended up burned out just wanting to release, hence the decision to deliver the minimum viable product and see how it goes, and with millions of copies sold and a positive rating of 88% on Steam you bet the leadership are happy and see no big reason to fundamentally change stuff.
    I'm of the belief that in an alternate universe it got a lot of negative backlash at EA release, making TW step up to not lose face resulting in a much better game :smile:
  11. Rungsted93

    This game sucks

    I feel like some football coach who coached this world star talent 10 years ago, who was doing things no one else could, as a reward he was given a huge contract, much better facilities and a whole paid for support team around him. He goes away 10 years on this exclusive isolated training complex on the other side of the planet, and he doesn't really return your calls or messages nor give any updates. But he's probably just extremely busy training, and the occassionally few times he does give an update it sounds extremely promising so things must be going great!

    And then the day came, he finally returns and while you're of course at a completely different stage in your life now - This is something you've been looking forward to for those 10 years.
    The player comes in, and at a first glance, he looks in great shape - But it's like everything else is lacking, but you dust it off as he probably just needs to get settled in. However, it very quickly becomes apparent that the player has no ambition, goes out partying instead of training, cutting every single corner he can - Even some of the stuff he could do 10 years ago he appear unable to do now, and when you bring it up why he doesn't try to do that, he just shuts you down and refuses to take any sort of advise.

    But hey, everyone can have a downturn period, and he's going to play the World Cup in 2 years so surely he will work hard towards that, and while for some periods you start to get a glimpse of hope with him playing decently you're let down right after with him not even showing up to training and just outright ignoring any sort of feedback you're providing for him to improve.

    Eventually, the world cup is closing by and he says he's working extra hard so you naively get your hopes up once more, he does end up playing "okay" at it and some people think he's a decent player, but it's clear he will never be the world class player which he was destined to be.

    So no the game doesn't suck, but it should've been so much better than what we got but in the end got sabotaged by TW's own lack of ambition and passion.
  12. Rungsted93

    TaleWorlds Should Consider Paying Modders

    They should pay Block to assemble a small team of 3-4 other modders and let them do a "reforged" edition of Bannerlord.
    Surely with the millions TW has earned paying 4-5 people for a few years should be okay
  13. Rungsted93


    With 10 years of development, 100-ish developers, much better technology compared to the Warband days, an already established concept from Warband + mods to reuse - Bannerlord should've been much more than what we got.
    I think it was clear development was going absolutely nowhere and they just decided to cut corners and make it much more streamlined.
    But it should never be up to modders to make a game great, mods should ideally expand upon an already great foundation.
  14. Rungsted93

    Full Release Battle size Cap Increase?

    Wasn't there some kind of engine limitation to 2048 units ?
    But if not then I agree.
  15. Rungsted93

    Release Plans

    What about the claiments?
  16. Rungsted93

    Bloc's warband missing features mod list (No Download/Showcase)

    No, he didn't follow the process of vetting of new features by the Designer Rejection Committee that would have rejected them as too complex and confusing, and outside the Taleworlds Tunnel Vision (tm).
    So getting him employed would accomplish almost nothing. They would put him straight on bug-fixing to solve problems they can't.

    If this should work he should of course have mandate to just do whatever features they agree on with limited oversight.
  17. Rungsted93

    Bloc's warband missing features mod list (No Download/Showcase)

    TW can you just hire Bloc already to add all those "extra" features? I'm sure as a gift to the community with the millions of copies sold you can afford to pay 1 guy a very good salary.
    I can't even fanthom what he'd be able to accomplish with full access to everything as an official employee.
  18. Rungsted93

    Please reconsider the future plans!

    The company needs to release the game and then put just 1 passionate man to work on new features.
    Not a whole team, just 1 man that cares. No bull**** meetings and deadlines, no teaching new people what to do. Just let 1 man do the work at his own pace and release when a feature is ready. Similar to what a modder would do. Of course I mean on the coding side. There can still be someone else to handle art, sound, translations, etc.

    With the big company mentality, everything interesting gets canceled or delayed, and any project takes forever. Just switch to modding mentality.
    So they should pretty much just hire Bloc ? :grin:
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