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  1. Ferisko

    Do hero lords use the discard weapons and armor for experience feature?

    This would be very good to know. I suspect that you're right, but AI party leaders do gain trade xp, so either they're selling something, or they just get the trade xp automatically when the loot is transformed into gold
    Lords keep enough money to sustain the party and give the extra to clan leader, that's how they gain trade xp.
    Just start a new game and give via console comands give_gold_to_all_heroes, pick a companion and make a party with him or search for a low level wife after some days to test it.
  2. Ferisko

    I've been scammed by developers

    You could've at least put the full response you got :smile:
  3. Ferisko

    whats the brother good for lol?

    @pRaX this is an old thread, nowdays you can customize the brother without doing the tutorial
  4. Ferisko

    The console version of Bannerlord has more features like BANNERS

    I hope banners have better effects than a 0.08 like in the photo
  5. Ferisko

    Disappointing progress.

    raiding in bannerlords is totally pointless.
    Raiding it's the best form of no paying tribute, it weights so much to tribute calculations and I don't care about red traits since they affect almost nothing.
  6. Ferisko

    Clan roles

    Greetings forum members, Right now lords are like headless chikens waging war 24/7, since we have party roles and party/kingdom stances, what if we added a role for 3 clan members? The clan representative. The clan representative should be per default the clan leader, this party would be the...
  7. Ferisko

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.0

    Talking abou jittering, it is very bad in the new maps that have bridges and you can't cross the river.
  8. Ferisko

    Ideas for Improving Immersion of Wanderers and Nobles.

    ambitious wanderers deciding to get the hell out of the tavern and make something of themselves (either going bandit, mercenary, or adventurer party).
    I would love to see wanderers imitating the player +1 to that
  9. Ferisko

    Why was the Pilum made into a spear?

    A couple of patches back they changed the IA use of throwing weapons so soldiers always keep the last one for melee, that may cause problems with 1 projectile weapons like pillum.
    For example if you equip a companion only with throwing weapons so they never go unarmed. Seems like an oversight to me
  10. Ferisko

    I'm so angry with this.

    It's because you're a noob,dude
  11. Ferisko

    Campaign map time does not go by when player is in battle

    I guess something like this will not be implemented but if there aren't some major drawbacks it would be great to have this in the game as it would help connect the world map to the battles.
    I know it's a bit different that the op refers, but It would be cool at least to tie the initial positions of the upcoming terrain system with the position that the parties are standing in the world map.
  12. Ferisko

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.2

    Nice patch! And just in time to test it after work.
    My beta is 7.9 GB! I'm the only one?
  13. Ferisko

    Cheat code to level up atlethics

    It was Nerfed in 1.5.10, but IMO the nerf was too hard. Now perks AND skill give less movement. They should have nerfed one or the other, but no both.

    Character Development System
    Improved the battle movement speed progression concerning the athletics skill. Reduced the movement speed increase effects of all perks.
  14. Ferisko

    Cheat code to level up atlethics

    @black_bulldog that worked fine in 1.5.9 and prior, right now on 1.6 I'm doing a playtrough with pila (melee short range), board and javelins and is reaaaally slow. (I even farmed the tutorial hideout a little bit at the beginning to start at 45 athletics)
  15. Ferisko

    Army AI is utterly broken, unplayably broken.

    You could send a save showing that army behaviour to @mexxico (campaign ai) so he can examine it after returning from holidays next week.
  16. Ferisko

    Insanely OP unit in SP.

    Tradeoff is that their crossbows do a bit less damage.
    Weren't vlandian sharpshooters able to penetrate shields too in recent patches?
    It's been long since I used them so I can't be sure
  17. Ferisko

    Bannerlord was a grift


    That is what we are: investors
  18. Ferisko

    Bannerlord was a grift

    there’s never an argument too stupid to be made
    Like calling yourself an Investor for buying an EA game?
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