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  1. Aleksey17

    [WRL] Playoff Week

    Pills vs DAM will be played at 20.30bst on Monday
  2. Aleksey17

    [WRL] Team Rosters

    Player Addition

    Team Name: PILL
    Divison: B
    Name of player(s):
  3. Aleksey17

    [WRL] Team Rosters

    Player Removal

    Team Name: Zarzacym's Medicine Cabinet
    Name of player(s):
    Vpills 691809
  4. Aleksey17

    [WRL] Team Rosters

    Player Additions

    Team Name:
    Zarzacym's Medicine Cabinet
    Name of player(s): Aspirin - 39604
  5. Aleksey17

    Warband Revival League Announcement & Signups

    Team Name: Zarzacym's Medicine Cabinet
    Team Tag: PILLS
    Contact 1: Airelhach (Taleworlds & Steam)
    Contact 2: Aleksey (Taleworlds & Steam)

    Amitriptyline - 30425
    Medikinet - 698198
    Viagra - 148257
    Valium - 687476
    Bengay - 686251
    Cialis - 19408
    Trenbolone - 72763
    Vpills - 691809
    Adderall - 763445
    Concerta - 112408
    Amoxicilin - 662910 - 1126654
    Preferred Division: B
  6. Aleksey17

    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    Same reason I won't be going back to defend my point either haha. I mean, we could probably use the advanced search tool to look for "10%" by username "Callum" in the "The Proving Grounds - Beta Discussion" board, but who has time for that.

    And look, I know we are on the same page in that we all want MP to be great, and I know there are many issues with Bannerlord's MP right now, including what you highlighted with new players being steamrolled by experienced premades. Believe me when I say I'm very much of the, "give us ranked MM ASAP" crowd. However, unfortunately, we have limited resources and have to prioritise our work. And while it might seem as simple as just offloading the work to an outside source, it is actually much, much more complicated than that.

    TW has been neglecting multiplayer since Warband released. In time, the reason of this negligence became low player base but the sad fact is your negligence is the reason to low number of players. Also the funny part is that you changed the beautiful parts of Warband's mp for attracting new players to mp, instead of changing your approach to multiplayer.

    How can some new players hold up for multiplayer while they get instakilled? They can't and they couldn't in warband. They won't in bannerlord too. We played as six premade. I think we won 15 matches in two days without losing single round. We didn't like it, I guess same as our opponents. After some days we might play again but they won't play it again. It happened in Warband and it will happen again. Then you will come back and say look people don't play mp so our focus is sp . I mean its ridiculous...

    Also I can't understand how you are on low resources. You just sold 2 million copies. You have like 120 people in and still Mynes alone can make better matchmaking than you ? If you can't disperse someone to multiplayer why did you released it in the first place?

    And if you would ask this community to develop mp for you , probably they would help. And I guess they would do better job...
  7. Aleksey17

    [3OK] 3 Ok Akıncılar Birliği ~

    Airelhach said:
    Bu da Airel&addar ortak yapım: beraberken daha güçlüyüz diye çeşitli buluşmalar. Yöneticilik olayının sana kalmaması gerekiyordu. :grin:

    Bırak palavrayı sen abdülhamidi savundun! Kaç maçta oynadınız da neyi yönettiniz çıkar göster! Zaten asıl calaquendi başarısı o da...
  8. Aleksey17

    [3OK] 3 Ok Akıncılar Birliği ~

    3OK'a gelip klanı batırdın diyenler biraz olsun utanır umarım. Artık her şey ortada, enkaz devraldık ve sonuçta ilerleme kaydetmişiz 2 galibiyet -30 averaj yiyen takımı 3 galibiyet -6 averaj yiyen takıma yükseltmişiz. Üstelik çok övdüğünüz bambama dönemi bu. Yazıklar olsun, gerçekten yazıklar olsun. 3ok sayemde altın dönemini yaşamış ve gördüğümüz muameleye bak.


    Acılarım heveste güneş açar aheste bir kapalı kafesteyim
    Topu topu bi deste ara sıra bi besle iki nota bir besteyim
    Sizi çöpe atacağım poşete yazık
    Bi sigara yakacağım ateşe yazık
  9. Aleksey17

    [3OK] 3 Ok Akıncılar Birliği ~

    M.ArdA_TaleWorlds said:
    Oyun bir çıksın da şeederiz sonra...

    Bannerlord ilk duyurulduğunda lisedeydim, şimdi mezun oluyorum üniversiteden. 7 yılda 1 lise 1 üniversite bitirdim, ey taleworlds! Sen ne yaptın ya? Bir tane oyun yapamadınız yazıklar olsun...

    multiplayer için tester lazımsa bu iletiyi silebilirim
  10. Aleksey17

    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    I personally would rather bene than seperate teams involve in nc for warband. But if admins can make national player pools for every nation, I believe it would help us to progress. How can we make those pools? Like free agents threads. Let people join the pool than we can see who wants to play for a certain nation and how experienced he or she is. Also post some informative threads about nations cup on other modules forums to encourage people to join. It won't help to Netherlands or Belgium to form a strong team like bene but still it would help other nations to step up maybe. Also it would make things easier and transparent.
  11. Aleksey17

    An apology.

    We weren't friends but I always thought positively for you. You seemed like a nice person. But I believe if someone cheats once, he or she will do that occasionally. There is no point to be sorry at this time. Maybe if you were a child. But you are not...
  12. Aleksey17

    [BCM] Congratulations & Thank You's. It's a wrap!

    Timing and some other things could be better but still it was a nice tournament. Congratulations to all the participants and thanks for the occasion.

    ๖Kern said:
    Even though I couldn’t participate for obvious reason, I want to say Great work for what you managed to organize and run. This was one of the best tournaments since 2010. I just hope to see Bladecast host more of these.

    Thanks for awesome and entertaining matches, sorry to Unity for letting them down.

    Are you sorry because of you got caught or because of you cheated in the first place ?
  13. Aleksey17

    Warband melee is too easy and Bannerlord melee needs to be harder

    Maximou said:
    Aleksey said:
    You guys talking too sure about a game that you haven't played yet. Combat system is same with some additions and also new animations.
    ur mum gay
    How did you survive 18 years in this world? You should be really lucky kid.
  14. Aleksey17

    Warband melee is too easy and Bannerlord melee needs to be harder

    You guys talking too sure about a game that you haven't played yet. Combat system is same with some additions and also new animations.
  15. Aleksey17

    [BCM] Main Event Bracket & Fixtures

    Good game, both teams played well. Good luck for your next match.
  16. Aleksey17

    [BCM] Servers & Booking

    Team you are from?: Blackened
    Teams involved?: **
    BCM Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Germany
    Day, Date & Time: 30.08.2018 19.30bst
  17. Aleksey17

    [BCM] Main Event Bracket & Fixtures

    Tallie said:
    HKP said:
    Seeding was done by votes. Most voted team FT got seed 1 and so on
    What I actually meant was the seeding of the team coming out of the qualifiers.. :razz:

    Seed 1 : FT
    Seed 2 : Krowa
    Seed 3 : Unity
    Seed 4 : **
    Seed 5 : Best team according to wins and rounds
    Seed 8 : Worst team according to wins and rounds
  18. Aleksey17

    IG_Battlegrounds is up again!

    OurGloriousLeader said:
    modded F&D is the only way

    the people crave it

    Not sure if its the only way but I cant think something else other than this too
  19. Aleksey17

    [BCM] Group Stage Results - BLUE DIVISION

    Group: II
    Round: 2
    Date & Time: 28.08.2018
    Server: BCMasters_DE2
    Teams involved: Blackened vs Back 2 Main Menu
    Result: 12 - 0

    Map A Set 1:

    Map A Set 2:

    Map B Set 1:

    Map B Set 2:

    Printed IDs:

    Approved spectator list:

  20. Aleksey17

    [BCM] Servers & Booking

    Team you are from?: Blackened
    Teams involved?: Back 2 Main Menu
    BCM Match?: Yes
    Server Location: Germany
    Day, Date & Time: 28.08.2018 19.30 BST
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