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  1. Abyssos

    Taleworlds once said...(finish the sentence)

    play the game and stop whining like spoiled kids....
  2. Abyssos

    Why won't my ranged troops target the cavalry

    Fian champions..make an army only of those and you will see :razz: hehe
  3. Abyssos

    Why won't my ranged troops target the cavalry

    what troops do you have?you know that the lower the troop tier...the worst they perfomance..and this is my opinion crossbows suck and im assuming you have the crossbow perk tree well leveled?
  4. Abyssos

    Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Yes it is! I just took it from him...!
    I'm not sure if you need to play as an Empire culture to get it though...! :unsure:
    well..for me he did not have it..had a stupid old horse or stumper...weird
  5. Abyssos

    Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Pureblood is your brother's horse. Just take it from him.
    not anymore.....even normal horses dont give hide anymore to...
  6. Abyssos

    Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Wheres Pureblood??WTF have u guys done to him...shame on you TW
  7. Abyssos

    Where to buy War Horses now???

    ya but imperial horses were not very abundant..they were cheaper i understand why maybe u want more hehe..
  8. Abyssos

    Patch Notes e1.5.8

    So now horses dont give hides??why remove that...??
  9. Abyssos

    Where to buy War Horses now???

    i allways find Askar with alot horses...aserai horses around 1k-1.2k
  10. Abyssos

    Shields are OP (combat balance)

    why would he stop? he didnt hit a wall and clearly u never saw a horse in rl :razz: that thing is huge haha
  11. Abyssos

    Recruiting lords to your kingdom.

    I don't understand why javelins cost so much, and why arrows cost thousands too
    why arrows should cost so much???

    this game is very inbalanced for weapon price
    arrows cost so much??i dont get it..
  12. Abyssos

    Custom battle tests (1.5.6): Horse archers are insanely OP & Infantry is pointless

    key is balanced cant have "one type of unit army" only..ofc they gonna army in the world were 100% archers...100% cavalry..100% infantry..
  13. Abyssos

    issues with brother

    I apologise if this is a language thing. But you might also make children with nasty genetic flaws, so yes, it's best to avoid marrying your sister.
    hahah no, not him marry hes sister...that would be wrong...altho we never know what would swing those days hehehe..i mean if he marry hes sister with any other lord she leaves the clan..
  14. Abyssos

    issues with brother

    ya i assumed her father lol
  15. Abyssos

    issues with brother

    to marry him you need to go to the father´s future wife and talk to him..and offer hes hand..make sure you chose a good women :smile: and same after to the youngest brother later on...dont marry your sister cause then she goes away..
  16. Abyssos

    I can't open the game

    i had similar problem after a patch start new game/load old game anything i crashed,,,best option to me was uninstall game and install again...
  17. Abyssos

    Patch Notes e1.5.7

    so the crash fix patch..just made the game worst? the amount of times game is crashing its insane..
  18. Abyssos

    What's up with hideouts?

    bandits can be converted to tier6 troops?5 hideouts its like 10 minutes of your life...not the end of the world
  19. Abyssos

    Unattractive character = Few babies?

    dont blame your ugliness on the wifes :razz: no matter who i marry i allways have like 2-3 kids..and im no brad pitt hehehe
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