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  1. Warfive

    NA Skirmish Open Bannerlord Skirmish League Season 3 ($1050.00 In Prizes)

    Is this a dead game or what? During the height of being locked down because of Bovid, my boy suggested I play this game because he used to play the original Mount and Blade and wanted to revive the clan. As you can tell, it’s now a dead. In his “defense”, that clan was a Napoleonic Wars clan and tried to make the transition to regular Mount and Blade while waiting for another Napoleonic Wars to happen. My boy (the same boy that was bouncing on my D*** ( )) was telling me about the game again. Man, let me tell you, I tried to suppress those memories. In fact, it was so bad I had to re-evaluate my life. This was a blessing, not only did I give up on this game but even started working out and I'm even train for a little 5k run (let alone touch grass, which I know those that play this game still don’t do). But anyways, he was telling me about the games status and how there was another tournament that was happening. I thought maybe I was wrong about this being a dead game. Hell, it’s even sponsored. But the more I investigate this, the worse it gets.

    Let start with the obvious, Bush Wookie Gaming is either made up or a dead channel. Doing a little investigation, I could only find Bush Wookie Gaming on Facebook (grandma social media). This page’s last post was on April 10, 2021. Which promoted another dead twitch channel. So now I’m wondering, who/what is this Bush Wookie Gaming that sponsored this event. But I’m not going to investigate because it doesn’t matter.

    This was posted in April and from what I could tell it still hasn’t started. As I’m reading this forum, it looks like you guys are still waiting for a few more teams and an online update.

    First with waiting on “more teams” to join. I don’t know who else you’re waiting on because there is literally no one else that plays this game! I don’t even know how you managed to get these bozos in the first place! Maybe it has to do with paying people, which we’ll get to later about.

    You also write that you’re waiting for the update. But if you haven’t learned now, that doesn’t seem like it happened, given the games herstory.

    Now about LES IS MOREx, more like LES IS BROKEzzz. I was thinking that LES IS MOREx was an industry plant or hype man for this S** game. But seeing that he had a probation on his account, makes me think he’s a rat that lives under the NYC subway L train line. Idk if he’s allowed to discuss why he’s on probation, but it might be because he doesn’t go outside and the Devs are trying to make him go out. Word on the block is that you are paying players to play with you. Not sure whether to feel bad, cause you got to pay to have friends, I mean players play.

    I hate to write all this without a solution. But the way it looks, it might be too late for yall. But if I had to give some advice, here are a few things:

    1: Get off this game – Trust me

    2: Get a job – This will help you get money to do things other then rot in front of the computer. You may even enjoy it

    3: Workout – This might be daunting, but you have to start somewhere. You may start and want to give up. But trust the process and you’ll be rewarded with gains. This will help your self-esteem, which in turn will help find some ladies (or dudes).

    4: Eat healthy – While working out is great, you still must eat healthy. There is this old phrase, “what you put in, is what you put out.” And if you’re going for a physique or trying to lose weight, this might even be more important then working out. Can’t out do a bad diet.

    5: Go enjoy life – Get a hobby – Do what will make yourself and other proud

    God Speed,


    Leader of Team Chef Boyo Ass Ugly

    #BROKEzzz #MIA_Macce
    love when Koolmario64 comes around
  2. Warfive

    North American Weekend Cup General Discussion

    How do I win the tournament?
    if i dont join
  3. Warfive

    does tw have more plans?

    what the heck is a toon
  4. Warfive

    The Royal Rat Rankings! - Post Your Rankings & Thoughts Here!

    As far as im aware 5 teams dropped already!
  5. Warfive

    [RRR] Questions & Suggestions

    It started?
  6. Warfive

    [RRR] Questions & Suggestions

    let's abandon this tourney, the new patch has shown that TW is ridiculous and that they really want their wasted game to fail.
    abandoning this small community tournament will really show ‘em!
  7. Warfive

    Dumb B i t c h Juice

    This team is going places
  8. Warfive

    Im think done after Scramble League

    Eb has consistently been correct and well-researched in his posts criticizing the decisions of Taleworlds. They should be considered for community liaison for North America.
  9. Warfive

    Multicultural armies are boring and make no sense

    very telling that OP has been banned lmao
  10. Warfive

    The Royal Rat Rankings! - Post Your Rankings & Thoughts Here!

    I wanna see Eb’s power rankings too
  11. Warfive

    Multicultural armies are boring and make no sense

    not only are you wrong historically, Calradia is a fantasy world ?
  12. Warfive

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International Clan] - Decade of Faith! | We are Recruiting!

    That results section looks reeaally nice
  13. Warfive

    Inf with shield vs archer - kick-shoot combo

    You are correct. Jumps aren’t high enough to avoid kicks anymore
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