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  1. SP Musket Era Modern Pirates mod! Released! V2.5 for 0.751 updated 18/4

    Rather than having one childboard for each mod, why not have one childoard that contains ALL the main mods?
    Cause then list of topics in the all-mods forum  will look like this:
    "1.Help, the mod doesn`t load!
    3.New version is out!
    4.Star Wars mod recruiting
    And then lots of noobs would make it worse. The functionality will like drop from a sky-scraper :smile:
  2. SP Modern Oriental The Perennial Nuisance (away for a month - p. 53. New hats p.52)

    A small offtop,
    Did you notice that the number of the topic (look into the addres bar in your browser) looks like "13373", which most of times means "elite" (wiki link). Even the forum thinks that this mod rules:smile:
  3. Schattenländer - v0.1d released (Feb 10/07)

    If you have no companions, well you can't bloody well sleep with nobody taking a lookout, so you're outta luck.
    and then
    I could even make a trigger to camp when talking to prisoners, if people want that
    It sounds weird - you can`t camp alone for there is no one to watch your back, but a prisoner that you have knocked unconscious seems like a nice guard. huh?

    From what I`ve read about new module system, it seems that you could bind any script to the inventory button. Why not use it to execute the "camp" code?
  4. Zelda mod

    Well, I think since the shaders are programmable one could make them to cell-shade the game. At least, when the Paper World mode was released someone  had posted a shader file to make M&B black-and-white.
  5. Custom Battles, mod or not

    But is there a lvl 6 limit any more? Isn't it just 30 days?
    There are both.
  6. Daggers revival

    Right now daggers are literally useless most of the time. Really, why should I use a cheap, weak weapon that couldn`t block, and more then this occupies one weapon slot? Right no, I sholdn`t:) If you broke your lance, lost your sword and run out of arrows a dagger is your last chance to survie...
  7. Version 0.800 is Out!

    Pixel shaders. Check which version your card supports
    What version does the game need?
  8. Version 0.800 is Out!

    Does anyone know what pixel shader version does the game require to render those nifty water reflections?
  9. SP Musket Era Modern New Western Mod !

    Looks good so far... BTW, is it just me or walls on those screens are really bent like the whole building is going to collapse?
  10. Mount & Blade with 3d glasses.

    Hey, if we can convince Armagan to code in support for the Gametrak controller, then we can all look like complete idiots wearing silly glasses and waving plastic swords!
    No... think of Wii port... Real working swords and bows with free motion ability, just like in the DBtS.
  11. About New Version Release Date Rumors

    May I ask what number will it be?
  12. SP Modern Wild West Mod - Updated Daily. Seeking your help, and guidance.

    Another Wild West mod? Great:smile: Is there any screensots or it`s just progress log for now?
  13. SP Modern Oriental The Perennial Nuisance (away for a month - p. 53. New hats p.52)

    'll get them in game for you
    Just for me! How gracious! :shock: :grin:
    I am using the windmill from building pack
    Just the mill? I mean, with this pack it`ll be easy to create things like, say, real-looking colonial steets,  not just retextured generic medieval housing.
  14. SP Modern Oriental The Perennial Nuisance (away for a month - p. 53. New hats p.52)

    Any screenshots? And are you going to use the "Building Pack"?
  15. SP Modern Oriental The Perennial Nuisance (away for a month - p. 53. New hats p.52)

    As for Bayonets:
    If you stuck in the middle of the battle with no ammo and lots of foes around, please call me and repeat this "Bayonets-are-useless" thing:smile: That *will* be funny. Maybe.:smile:
  16. SP Native displaced plainsmen mod (v 0.3)

    the smithies in the tribes are private smiths (not for you to buy from/sell to)
    Well, but how do you know wheter a npc is smith or not,  if he doesn`t sell or buy anything? I mean, what kind of a smith he are then? :roll:
  17. SP Modern Oriental The Perennial Nuisance (away for a month - p. 53. New hats p.52)

    Priate mod has that.
    AFAIK, there were two separate items - the Shooting rifle and the Stubbing one. Smart, but hell ugly method, if you ask me, I mean, if you threw the gun away, you`ll still be able to poke someone with the bayonet, mounted on the thrown away piece. And more than that, it takes two inventory slot to care around one gun. BTW, is it possible to link items, so if you got one than you have an another and vice versa?
  18. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Be aware that some of the default UI meshes (eg the arch) have somewhat strange UV mapping.
    I`m talking about the arch thing, yes. The case is that my arch has somewhat different shape form the original one. So it looks like the game first draws a black layer with the shape of the stone arch and then adds texture from the I think this screenshot could explain what i`m trying to say.
  19. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Question about the BRF editor.
    I want to make the "ui" material file to use the alpha channel. I turned on the blend mode and tried a few  "alpha" shader modes, but the game still renders awfull black corners instead of seamlessly blend them. Any suggestions?
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