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  1. Active Clans

    are there any macedonian clans recruiting?
  2. Bugs/Suggestions Thread

    so i'm trying to install the game, i download the file from nexus, and try to open it from 7-zip when i get this error "can not open "where the file location is" as archive, now i've tried redownloading it from nexus twice and neither time was i able to open the file with 7-zip, if anyone could offer me some tips that would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Interested in Joining North and South Clan

    hello community,  i'm interested in joining a clan for the North and South mod, i just downloaded the mod today and noticed that the 2 most popular servers for it have passwords on them. So i'd like to be able to join a clan where i'd be able to play on some servers and participate in some epic...
  4. Unban request- 502nd_Ranger_Pvt_ironman3112

    I'm pretty sure that 502nd_Ranger_Pvt_ironman3112 was the name i used when i was banned, it's been a couple months since i was though Server Name: 84e_NW_Siege What Happened: it was later in the evening and before i retired for the evening i regrettably  shot at an admin (whom was on the same...
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