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  1. Need suggestions

    Hi guys , i got a low end pc With Intel i5 , Integrated graphics of 128mb ( i know it sucks but out of budget for upgrade) , 16 gb ram. What are the best settings for me to avoid crashes ? I don't mind simulating big battles
  2. Thanks for performance related patch 1.7.2

    Hi Devs and taleworlds team , just wanted to thank you guys for the performance patch. I got a low end pc and earlier it used to crash a lot . But now I am able to play the game (not big wars though) i just simulate big battles but i am having fun . Now the game crashes very less (waiting for...
  3. In Progress Game Frequently Crashes

    Hi ,any update on this ?
  4. Need More Info Need help in reality check

    i ask this question because , game keeps crashing now and then and im really frustrated :sad:
  5. Need More Info Need help in reality check

    hi, i am here for reality check , below are my Laptop specs , can someone let me know if my laptop is really capable of running bannerlord ? i have no issues playing at lowest graphics as long as i can play the game . sorry if this isnt the right place to ask this OS: windows 10 GPU: Intel HD...
  6. In Progress Game Frequently Crashes

    Summary: Hi ,my game is frequently crashing when ever i start fights/ win fights or sometimes when i open menus . i thought it is an error with my file and tried creating new campaign and it is also crashing . more over i see error messages related to NVidia , when my graphic card is Intel How...
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