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  1. aekilju

    MP Native Kingdoms [Persistent Kingdoms Successor]

    Any news or update on this as we get closer to full release and presumably custom servers?
  2. aekilju

    Unacceptable multiplayer server performance

    Don't worry, I've been assured that they're "working on it"
  3. aekilju


    There's a mod that fixes this problem, but it's insane that Talewords hasn't put out a hotfix for this.
    Here's the mod:
  4. aekilju

    What's the plan for multiplayer?

    Not really sure if there is a plan for multiplayer at this point
  5. aekilju

    cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    Well you wouldn't say they didn't do it to themselves. This was some days ago:

    I know I'm being extremely optimistic but maybe as this continues (especially after more mp mods are made in the coming months) Taleworlds will finally realize their terrible mistakes and admit that their experiment with native Bannerlord mp has been a disaster and turn it into something more like Warband native. But that probably won't happen.
  6. aekilju

    cRPG has only a week and already killed Vanilla

    Progression systems are a cancer on mp games but the abomination TW created isn't any better. At least crpg lets you pick your gear.
  7. aekilju

    I hate combat

    Stamina 😂😂😂
  8. aekilju

    Full Release - PC & Console

    "We will continue to improve it indefinitely in unspecified ways. Suckers."
    I am simply trying to stay positive even though it's probably in vain
  9. aekilju

    Full Release - PC & Console

    Not expecting anything immediately but hopefully there's some kind of developer response to all the backlash and an explanation about future plans. Maybe after Gamescom.
  10. aekilju

    Why aren't players allowed to be good at this game?

    Outside of duels, most melee fights have multiple people in them. Due to the block delay, attack delay, and directional shield blocking, in addition to the stun, if you're stuck in a 1vX fight against players of moderate skill or higher, you just get stunned to death with no hope of survival. In Warband, fighting multiple people was difficult and usually involved you dying, but at least there were avenues available to skilled players, who found themselves in that situation, to survive or win. Now it's an autoloss if they don't teamhit each other. Skill is the primary factor still, but you're more shackled to poorly designed/implemented game mechanics outside your control than before that makes many situations downright unplayable.
    Definitely, it's significantly harder to win against multiple people in Bannerlord, even if they aren't very good. Especially on modes with no team damage like siege, encountering 3 or more people by yourself is usually an automatic death unless you play completely defensively until allies can get to you. Mostly due to a combination of the various stun durations and movement speeds and attack animations.
    Maybe I'm just not good enough and need to learn how Bannerlord works compared to Warband, but I don't know if the way it works right now is exactly for the better.
  11. aekilju

    As a community we really gonna let people get away with personal harrasment?

    Moderation should be left up to server owners. Otherwise you get things like the current chat filter where you can't even say the word "knight"
    Mute function works just fine too
  12. aekilju

    Will MP be completed for full release?

    I've told you before and will tell you now: nobody who matters sees MP as anything more than an irrelevant afterthought. And it actually isn't
    If only TW treated it like an irrelevant afterthought like they did in Warband, maybe it would be in a better state than it is now.
  13. aekilju

    that face doesn't belong to you..

    that face doesn't belong to you..
  14. aekilju

    Allow us to select no helmet in customization

    You also only earn "loot" to buy items with when playing on official TW servers iirc, which is another issue with the system
  15. aekilju

    MP Top Suggestions

    The delay is still present, at least on thrusts. Side/overhead swings are much better but I don't know if they're perfect.
  16. aekilju

    New UI is dog**** for names, who thought this was a good idea?

    Yeah the scoreboard is just a straight downgrade in general, tons of wasted space. Don't need to see everyone's steam avatar either.
  17. aekilju

    Multiplayer autoblock

    I'm pretty sure the setting never did anything in MP anyway it's only for single player. Just like in Warband.
  18. aekilju

    An open letter from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the total-conversion mod community

    I appreciate the modders who took the time to write this great feedback that will probably not get any substantial response if past interactions are anything to judge by.
  19. aekilju

    Bannerlord MP is a disaster and garbage, Taleworlds MUST stop being stubborn and ignoring their own community

    People were complaining and warning them about the class system ever since the alpha but they refused to change it.
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