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  1. black_bulldog

    Patch Notes v1.1.2 ...?

    This is all working as intended by TW.
    Yep working as intended. (y)

  2. black_bulldog

    Battles too easy

    I really wish factions had different AI tactics because they all do the same exact thing.
    It's funny iirc there was a whole dev post about not only individual ai, but group ai and battle tactics. I guess all that went by the wayside when Taleworlds decided consoles couldn't handle it because I can see no other reason to dumb the ai down so bad.
  3. black_bulldog

    Completely kill off main factions

    So just behead them all? That's about what I'm doing now
    Either that or hope you get lucky during battle and a lance to the head kills him off without the consequences. But unfortunately the chances of that happening are very slim.
  4. black_bulldog

    Fog of War

    They probably don't want players to power gaming too much by choosing always the best possible option to optimize your party/clan.
    This isn't Dark Souls, this game is a power fantasy you're suppose to get op at some point. Second if they didn't want players power gaming why would they leave in exploits like smithing? It trivializes making money and you can literally buy every settlement if you want. The reason that this system is so bad is because no one at Taleworlds thought about the ramifications of making such a change. My guess is they saw some complaints and said hey here's an easy fix and this is the end product.
  5. black_bulldog

    Male characters can now wear female clothing without clipping issues

    I mean, because of rebels and promoted wanderers, there IS always a shortage of ladies.....
    You just had to take it that extra step didn't you. :devilish:
  6. black_bulldog

    I Can't Take Any Lords Into My Kingdom Anymore

    gee it's almost like nobody tested or considered the end game at all.
    It's almost like that. :iamamoron:
  7. black_bulldog

    Male characters can now wear female clothing without clipping issues

    I guess Calradia more open about their sexuality than Europe was during the middle ages. :iamamoron:
  8. black_bulldog

    About the new animations for female characters.

    The animations aren't great but imo the new ones look a helluva lot better.
  9. black_bulldog

    How about a rest mechanism for troops

    I say this a lot, but yet again this is a feature that VC had, and the game was more engaging for it.
    Yeah at first I hated the feature but after awhile I realized that it actually made sense and frankly you could push through with just a hit to morale so it wasn't the worst thing ever.
  10. black_bulldog

    What do you think about the new crime and alley features?

    you could reach something ridiculous like 96% survival rate with 10+4 surgery
    The bonus was 81% if you had 10 points in surgery plus the 4 point bonus so 4% x 14 = 56% + base value of 25% = 81%. But you have to put 30 points into intelligence so I guess that was the trade off and realistically you couldn't get the full bonus till you were are like level 30+. Engineering was pretty op too instead of 2+ days for a siege you could do it in 8 hours iirc. Hell the game is a power fantasy so complaining about an op skill is kind of pointless, the pc was always op by the end of the game.
  11. black_bulldog

    Do hero lords use the discard weapons and armor for experience feature?

    Someone correct if I'm wrong but AI does not receive battle loot - it is instantly transformed into gold.
    I do know that this is the way it works for lords but whether companions do the same that's a question only a developer could answer.
  12. black_bulldog

    Death chance for lords

    Or how about having the %chance scale dependent on the #members in clan?
    Haven't gotten past maybe 1st generation yet but some clans can have a lot of kids and can see the predictable inflation ~50 years in a game.
    Do you actually do a 50 year play through? I could never get past 10.
  13. black_bulldog

    It's still ****

    Yeah I guess it is very much subjective, I just can't get back to Warband or its mods after playing Bannerlord. Viking Conquest is still probably my overall favourite though (even tho I haven't played it in like 5 years).
    It's funny I've been playing PoP so much lately that I've almost finished a campaign as soon as I'm done with that I plan on doing a VC play-through. But I can't touch Bannerlord in it's present state. If VC was set a couple of centuries later I would play it all the time but unfortunately it's not my personal favorite medieval time. But there are so many interesting ideas in VC and for me it is still less frustrating than Bannerlord. I think I can echo @Kentucky 『 HEIGUI 』 James feelings in that Taleworlds either doesn't understand what fans want or they just doesn't care.

    They threw so many different ideas and mechanics into the game without thought of how to fully integrate them in. For example they wanted crafting in the game. The funny thing about crafting is that Taleworlds originally stated that the player could go and get a weapon crafted but somewhere along the long the way it changed. What we got is a frustrating system that's grindy as hell, has random unlocks, and it's so exploitable that it destroys any need for other sources of money making. Why is it in there? Who knows? Was this a big requested feature by players? As far as I can tell no. This is just one example of how this game has a bloat of features that don't enhance the game but just pad it out.

    Imho the games focus should've been about battles and also diplomacy to a lesser extent. But there are so many mechanics thrown in it that none of them are developed properly and even battles and sieges which should've been the centerpiece for the game are over before the player can really even have a chance to implement a strategy and they become so common that most players suffer from fatigue from seeing the same thing over and over.

    The game can be a semi-enjoyable time waster for sure but after 10 hours or so the repetition and grindiness cause many players to just start over. That boredom and fatigue of a playing an open world game eventually happen for everyone, but for me that usually doesn't happen for at least 50-100 hours but in Bannerlord that starts about the time I become a lord maybe 7-10 hours in. I just don't see the point in continuing because it's way too boring and repetitious. It feels like there's no rhyme or reason to what the ai does not in wars not in diplomacy and not in making policies for the kingdom and I don't like that I have little to no control over my own kingdom or even my own clan. I feel like most of the time I'm just playing a glorified version of cookie clicker that could run itself with minimal input from me.
  14. black_bulldog

    It's still ****

    I mean this is a point that I agree with, but as I say, some users are just too overboard with what they're saying. There are genuine issues with the game that I've listed both in this thread and elsewhere, and this game's very high potential is being wasted especially with its late game and placeholder systems, but if they've not enjoyed any moment of the game they played for 100s of hours as many people claim or imply, they're being obsessive at this point. To them, this game will never be "good". They're not making the game better by commenting, they're making the community worse. At some point, it's time to let go.
    I can't speak for others but I put in over 1k hours back during ea, but at some point I got disgusted with the lack on going lack of communication and the poorly thought out features and the lack of player input so I just quit. I even quit the forums for awhile but after I was less salty I came back. I'm still not pleased with where the game is and I refuse to play it again until I feel it gets better but at least I'm not bitter like I was, my suspicion is that some people couldn't or wouldn't step away for awhile. It's difficult to not feel some bitterness when this is my favorite game franchise of all time maybe others have the same attitude.
  15. black_bulldog

    Will there be information-gathering dialogue in future versions due to the new Fog of war for the encyclopedia or is this the famous BL "vision"?

    This is also a very good idea, I think notables can serve that role (maybe specifically gang leader notables?).
    Anything would be better than to have the player roam the world map looking for a needle in a haystack.
  16. black_bulldog

    It's still ****

    Look, I agree with many people here that the tedious late game/kingdoms not getting destroyed and the lack of diplomacy (as well as lack of any personality in npcs) are glaring issues, but playing a game that you're not enjoying for god knows how long and then complaining about it just seems unhealthy (not meaning to offend, I'm not sure what the correct word to use would be, English is not my first language). I'm not trying to antagonize any people here, I've done my share of complaining and suggesting new things, and I certainly don't want to disparage people complaining about certain elements about the game, but the way some users describe their experiences with the game after they've played for 100s of hours is just weird to me. If you (this is to many people on the forums, not the OP necessarily) don't think that the game is enjoyable or salvageable (and has never been), nothing the devs can do will ever change it.
    My take on all of this is that I think the issue is people see the possibilities with the game but when it comes up way short of what they're expecting then they start complaining. I don't think the idea is that the whole game is **** it's just that there are key mechanics in this game that are poorly developed or not thought out. Modding can only fix so much so it comes down to Taleworlds to fix or change the big issues.
  17. black_bulldog

    Will there be information-gathering dialogue in future versions due to the new Fog of war for the encyclopedia or is this the famous BL "vision"?

    Maybe we can finally toss a coin to those beggars and they give us the rumors?
    Either that or each town has an information broker who can tell you more information and even whereabouts of someone you're looking for.
  18. black_bulldog

    Making Personality Traits, Noble Relations and Political Stances relevant

    I remember reading all of this and taking them at their word -im convinced regardless of what defensive Devs here say that console stole this focus away from the PC gamers.
    I remember when we got the new control layout to "make it easier for players who use a controller to use" ie we're trying to make it console friendly and I ask a dev flat out whether we would get the old layout back. I was told yes, and when that never happened I decided that Taleworlds didn't give a :poop: about anything but money and that's about the time I stopped playing.
  19. black_bulldog

    I think making money in Bannerlord is too easy

    Even the AI chatbots can see the game's flaws

    When the singularity arrives, the superAI's first words to the world will be "Bannerlord is an unbalanced mess"
  20. black_bulldog

    Will there be information-gathering dialogue in future versions due to the new Fog of war for the encyclopedia or is this the famous BL "vision"?

    But what was TW's reasoning for removing this is what Im after? It simply seems like they downgraded from making NPC's slightly interesting to just use an Encyclopedia. That idea seems like it came from a bunch of stoners who thought it was pretty clever at the time...
    Who knows, they make a change like this without explanation. They don't have any way for players to get info except run around the map. You'd think that a company that has been making games for 10+ years would be able to figure out something better but here we are. I love the M&B series but Taleworlds are just bad at actually developing game mechanics.
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