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  1. Cornelis

    where 1.7.2 ???

    lol no here is the link to steam db it was just the hotfix on the 25th
  2. Cornelis

    where 1.7.2 ???

    Is 1.7.2 going to be the last update before "full release"
    I would assume not unless it's the greatest patch of all time but who knows 1.7.2 will probably be massive but would think it's gonna take a bit at least 1.7.3 to implement all the rest of the changes
  3. Cornelis

    where 1.7.2 ???

    Why you guys don't have patience, what's the rush? Let it beeee, let it beeeee
    lol the Beatles wouldn't have the patience for TW's shenanigans

    ALSO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON look what popped up on the steam DB depot soon I pray to the lord and soon he said it shall come

    steam.beta.test82579788 hours ago
    localLocal Content Server82579608 hours ago hours ago
  4. Cornelis

    where 1.7.2 ???

    hopefully soon saw this pop up about 19 hours ago on steam DB probs means **** all but maybe soon idfk

    perf_test_betaBannerlord Beta Performance Test824290118 hours ago
    perf_testBannerlord Performance Test824275319 hours ago
  5. Cornelis

    1.7.0 is the BEST PATCH EVER MADE IN 2 YEARS

    I have to agree Taleworlds did good this patch well done developers you finally showed us what was taking so long keep up the good work
  6. Cornelis

    Another ancalimon thread

    more polls i love polls
  7. Cornelis

    Base Bannerlord is better than base Warband

    bannerlord over warband i think
  8. Cornelis

    [STEAM] The game won't start

    Yes i tried all 3 launchers but in that way looks like i have a potato computer (ive checked all the settings and downgrading or changing fullscreen/windowed didn't make it without lag/scattering) i tried 2 latest beta option while running it via steam but nothing. still cant play this game
    try this fix from Marda I found. I had the same issue yesterday this fix worked for me

    Can you try deleting the following folder and try again? C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord

    Also can you try installing latest vcredits?

    Note: You'll need to allow Windows to display hidden folders and files to see the ProgramData folder and its contents.

    Make sure to verify after deleting folder
  9. Cornelis

    Future Plans

    Based on the new updates we have been seeing with a new addition per patch I was wondering which of the new features and systems do you want to see in the next patch couldn't add in them all so if you want modding support or multiplayer updates just comment
  10. Cornelis

    Pixelated textures since the last update.

    put shaperning to 0 in VIDEO options . shaperning is bugged in this patch for some reason and it gives pixelated image.
    thanks for the fix reported to devs so they should be looking into it
  11. Cornelis

    Is Anyone Starting a New Playthrough for 1.6.4 ?

    I start new games so yeah every update it's a new game for me i start new games often I never end them it's how I've always played even in warband
  12. Cornelis

    Music while playing

    What do you guys like to listen to while playing? that is assuming you have spotify or another app running in the background and in game music turned off The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy is always fun to have running in a battle
  13. Cornelis

    Do you think the world map needs more features - like roads?

    would like roads to work like caldaria expanded a bit
  14. Cornelis

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.3

    Indeed with the last beta update, I see again deaths in AI x AI battles, and in just several hours of play, at this rate it is a massacre.
    Although I think it is good for immersion, there has been around 6-7 deaths in approximately 4-5 hours of game.
    I would say the death rate is to be reduced a bit.
    I would suggest pacemaker slow it right down that way not as many battle happen and it's more immersive

    Just think though how many days pass in 4-5 hours shouldn't a fair amount of lords die

    idk gonna try it out now got some mods for 1.6.3 already updated raise your torch, pacemaker, houses of caldaria and noble titles
  15. Cornelis

    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    997 hours in kinda bored atm even modded just not feeling it this patch
  16. Cornelis

    Bannerlord was a grift

    What angers me the most is that this thread shows “1K” posts, so I have to do the math, okay, so 20 posts per page, at 55 pages, wait, but the last one isn’t complete, so add those up…
    Very dumb system.
    the solution to this is very simple lets make another page of random posts
  17. Cornelis

    How many devs are working on combat AI?

    make a poll lets go poll dancing i guess 2
  18. Cornelis

    AI lords must execute each other

    this isn't the final product of the execution system anyways i'm sure the devs have something planned but haven't implemented cause it would break the game right now like you have all explained be good if a dev could comment on it if they have the time
  19. Cornelis

    Turn off double speed

    Is there a way to turn off double speed so I only have one speed? Personally I don't want to just click to go quick it feels like cheating to me. I want to play like warband where time goes nice and slow and party speed matters and I don't have to reset to a slower speed every time I click...
  20. Cornelis

    Goodbye Mexxico, Thanks For Everything! (Mexxico Leaves TW. Tribute Post)

    lol imagine if this post kept going to be the longest post on the forums
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