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  1. arkona

    Need More Info Achievements not working Steam

    I fully reinstalled the game cleanly:
    - New games are not displaying " achievement disabled pop-up."
    - Reloading my latest savegames still display "achievement disabled pop-up".

    If this comes from the previous installation of a mod, is there any way to "clean" the savegame. It seems hard to ruin a singleplayer savegame because I clicked on install on a multiplayer mod through steam workshop. it probably represent more than a hundred hour of gameplay without using any cheat or singleplayer mod.
  2. arkona

    Need More Info Achievements not working Steam

    Same Problem here, no cheats enabled, day 704 of campaign, achievements were working.
    Not sure if relevant: no singleplayer mods, but I tried installing Crpg recently with steam workshop (multiplayer mod). I tried uninstalling the mod, reinstalling the game, but no change when I load my savegame I get achievement disabled pop-up.

    savegame is version
  3. arkona


    the movie is not that great (acting and story line is rather bad) but I enjoyed it anyway thanks to the bloody and gory battles ^^ (if only m&b was that brutal, it really add to the 'medieval' feeling of the movie :grin: ).

    I agree it could be used as an inspiration for some scenes/models in warband
  4. arkona

    Offical Vocals Sound Pack

    rejenorst said:
    I will keep it in mind but it will most likely be extra voices from jade's recordings which she made for Vanilla M&B.

    Will see what I can do, there were some good ones that never made it in I think.

    that would be awesome :smile:
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