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  1. Virtuosho


    just come play conquerors blade, so much better than this piece of **** game and f uck head develeopers
  2. Virtuosho

    Is TW the worst video game company in the world?

    for MONTHS people were screaming that mp was dying, and telling TW the exact simple reasons why, and how to fix it and save the game

  3. Virtuosho

    Is TW the worst video game company in the world?

    So I left this game when they changed archers bow timing and javelin throwing about 6 months ago pretty much punching every player in the **** who had invested thousands of hours into mastering the skill. When this game came out, it was the best game i'd ever played in my life, the first few...
  4. Virtuosho

    Siege was dead and this last update killed Captain

    The ranged units classes were completely destroyed and made useless, they are slow in shooting and very inaccurate, if they were kinda "meh" before the update now they are plain bad and no one is using them.

    The skirmish units that throw axes, javelins, pilas, spears etc, also got super slow and innacurate. I remember I used to have fun throwing stuff at my enemy now forget it. I can't hit someone standing in front of me standing still, its easier for me to land a hit by doing a 360 no scope with a bow than with a throwing axe or pila

    This is what killed the game, nobody plays anymore, and thjey wont come back, all the time everyone committed to getting their timing right were ****ed over

    When this patch happened i couldn't play the game anymore, and now i don't want to, because it just feels broken

    Everyone should come play conquerors blade instead, it's the co op version of bannerlord and so much better in everywhere, on top of that has an open map like bannerlord and is an mmorpg.
  5. Virtuosho

    TW is quiet

    Conquerers Blade open map is the mmorpg co op game people want Bannerlord to be, pity CB combat sucks compared to Bannerlord.
  6. Virtuosho

    Punish "Deserter" Captains? Addressing lone wolfing in multiplayer.

    lol why would you complain about people leaving unit banks?

    It's a terrible strategy, means the rest of your team is 4v5 for troop squads and manning poinst, and if enemy cav spots your troop you're ****ed.

    Bad players use troop banks, and good players beat them for using such a dumb strategy.

    Leave it in, so idiots can keep getting owned, if people are abusing the system because they're selfish idiots and don't want to play as a team mate (a lot of these on the east asia servers) just allow people to report them, then ban them.
  7. Virtuosho

    When was the first time you ever played mount&blade

    2005, and I was blown away by the gameplay, open world, everything about it felt 10 years ahead of it's time

    Really surreal experience, anyone remember the black knights?
  8. Virtuosho

    TW is quiet

    they're too busy playing conquerers blade

    (like most of their former playerbase)
  9. Virtuosho

    Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

    So two points- one, you're continuing to make yourself look immature, rather than the OP. If you don't get why, its because, regardless of his opinion of the issue at hand, he's committed himself to discussing it rationally and reasonably pending an admin response.

    Second, there's a relevant statement from NA that applies to this situation- "Facts don't care about your feelings". Ebdanian is not taking screenshots of his own games and saying "I'm doing bad muhh class is bad", which is what you're accusing him of doing. He's pulling statistics from the entire competitive communities of NA and EU to compare win rates, while utilizing the statistics TW itself provides. When matched up against this, no matter how strongly you may feel about the issue, your argument basically boils down to "well it feels fine to me", but you have yet to refute any of the assertions made in the OP.

    The guy wrote, actually wrote, this

    " The Glaive, as I have already stated, is not very good in cav v cav"

    He's ****ing terrible, has no idea. Not a single other person on the forum posts as often, or as incorrectly as this guy.
  10. Virtuosho

    Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

    Kinda disappointing to have one of the few representatives of the East Asia community act this way to be honest. The forums (at least in the English section) are dominated by NA/EU voices, so commentary from our SA/OCE/EA brethren can possess a far greater impact by providing the viewpoint of their respective communities. Rather than contribute to the discussion at hand, you pull the same internet tactic that got old in 2006, by jumping in, saying everything discussed is wrong, and flaming the OP.

    I never said everything discussed is wrong, just what EdbdafsdnAdmiral says. Has no ****ing clue, would give up the game and cry in their bed all day if they ever played EA. Seems really really **** at the game, and writes 5000 word essays trying to convince themselves they're not just really ****, but instead just looks like that guy that blames the controller for their ineptitude, but like, goes on forums to complain that it's the controller, and keeps on going, for months on end, absolutely clueless that they're just ****house, starting to just feel sorry for them. Is there a block/ignore button?
  11. Virtuosho

    Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

    There is a member of my competitive team currently living in Korea, and he has confirmed that the quality of play is lower there than it is here.

    If he's a member of any team you're on of course he's going to be **** at the game and a liar.
  12. Virtuosho

    Keep Getting Logged Out Please Advise

    same issue here, been having login issues for last 72 hours.
  13. Virtuosho

    Multiplayer Elephant In The Room. Khuzait Is Designed To Be Annoying To Play As And Annoying To Play Against, And Do Not Fit Into The Games Economy

    Other than horse archer, what about Khuzait is on par with other factions. Please explain to me.

    Spear infantry with mace is very effective heavy inf

    Sickle/Shield rabble is a real decent unit in the right hands

    Khan Guard is one of the strongest units in the game

    Maybe east asia server just more talented player base
  14. Virtuosho

    In Progress login failed error for multiplayer

    now the game is logging me out when in the que for captain mode for SE asia servers
  15. Virtuosho

    1.5 MP captain feedback on archer issues

    So weird that TW nerfs Archers/Javs for no real reason, making the class / section of the game unplayable

    And does nothing for menv infantry which are clearly too fast / too strong / menvop

    Also the units going into loose fomration and stuck there if u get on a horse has ruined captain mode

    TW don't seem to give a **** tho, i'm sure they'll nerf some other random thing next patch, and buff another thing already op

    I just wish i knew how the **** they come up with their decisions, it's like they roll a dice and go "5, HORSES GET WINGS"
  16. Virtuosho

    In Progress login failed error for multiplayer

    now can login, but pressing play freezes the game
  17. Virtuosho

    1.5 Impressions?

    Dude. I dont know what to tell you. Just because you wernt using it to kick-obliterate everyone within 2 feet of your e button doesnt mean it wasnt possible to do so.

    if you're getting landed with kicks this often that it's a problem you're the problem
  18. Virtuosho

    1.5 Impressions?

    The patch improved on a ton of things. Don’t belittle their hard work just because you died to a menavlion. There are more constructive ways to add feedback.

    Wrong again, every time you say anything, wrong. What is wrong with you, seriously.

    Pilums were not broken, and you should get 2, looks bad, is bad, with just 1.
  19. Virtuosho

    1.5 feedback from myself and "KO" Clan

    I urge you to keep trying out the throwing weapons. The way they work now is new and weird but once you get into a rhythm they can still be super effective.

    I urge you to not listen to this guy, everything they write is bad and wrong.

    4. Throwables is a huge bone I have to pick. Those who know me or have faced me know that I am a dead shot with throwables, but in their current state they cant hit a broadside of a barn. Also their current accuracy or lack there of makes hitting cavalry extremely difficult, especially in quickly developing situations. Also the ineffectiveness of throwables also seems to have a direct impact on horse classes being overpowered in some standpoint as well as them being spammed on multiplayer since a once effecting counter to them has been severely nerfed

    It is so weird how unrealistic and bad they've made throwables, they were perfect, absolutely nothing wrong and TW decides to just make it so ridiculously slow and crap

    Rythm of combat looks so dumb now

  20. Virtuosho

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.3

    Any time frame on when you'll fix the Infantry stuck in loose formation when you mount a horse on captain mode?

    Basically ruining the mode atm if you get on a horse and have an infantry unit, apparently pressing DISMOUNT f5 works, but i've found that only works half the time

    Been a bug for about 3 months now, seems a simple fix...dont know why ****ing archery and javelins was more important when there was nothing wrong with javelins and bow and this is a pretty major flaw and again, seems a simple fix
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