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  1. Discussion Suggestion Add ability to destroy weapon in mission

    It would be nice if we had an ability to destroy a specific weapon at will. This would allow us to simulate things like broken lances, much needed for historical mods. Example code here that attempts to remove the weapon from the agent causes an exception further down the line, although seems to...
  2. Removing of agent weapon through script

    I'm currently trying to create a system for breaking weapons. I want it to based on damage dealt. Anyway, my issue is that I get a random crash when a weapon is removed. Sometimes it works fine, but it will usually crash after 4-5 NPCs make a strike. Here's really simple sample code...
  3. BL Coding please guide for customize the sandbox map bannerlord

    There is no editor out yet.
  4. BL Coding Reading mod config from XML file

    I don't have the time to explain how this works, but you can see what we do with our serialisation here:

    We read all our data from XML, including game settings and save data.
  5. BL Other Boring legal questions

    Generally mods are derivative works meaning that you infringe on the copyright of the original product. Afterall, your mod requires the original work to function and you build on top of it.

    Nothing you produce for bannerlord is entirely your own, assuming you're using TW API. It's like if you took a painting and painted some more on it.

    IANAL but such things tend to be covered by EULA of the game itself. Since there is no official modding support and no official modkit this is probably all up in the air.

    My guess is TW can take your code and do whatever they want with it considering that it is derivative work, but they're unlikely to do so. You are most likely free to reuse your code and ideas too, as long as you unplug them from their API.

    Can they take your work? Probably. Are they likely to? No. There is no history of them doing something like that, and to my understanding they preferred to work with the community keeping up good relations.

    Personally, sorry about the jab, but I think it's laughable how protective people get over their mods. If they took my code and plugged it into the game I'd be honored.
  6. BL Coding Death from old age mod

    You'd need to throw it into a daily tick function.
            public override void RegisterEvents()
                CampaignEvents.DailyTickEvent.AddNonSerializedListener(this, new Action(this.DailyTickEvent));

    Then, make a private void DailyTickEvent() and throw your code in there.
  7. BL Coding Stopping a clan from joining another kingdom

    Is there a way to stop a clan from joining another kingdom? They're a leader of a kingdom I created, but just switch to another. I was under the impression that top level clans cannot switch?
  8. Lets talk snowballing and campaign combat AI.

    I don't know your mod, but the mod highlights the fact that the vanilla game highlights the Faction on the map and with respect to strategic npc decisions, instead of focus on Clans -- the bannermen.

    If you look at the map after steamrolling, it is still a map of competing clans. If you allowed clans to have their own banner base color, would it still look like steamrolling? I'm reminded of vassal wars in CK.

    I don't know anything about the M&B lore, so perhaps these factions have more emotional significance for players than I give credit.

    I get that point, and where vassal dynamics are certainly something I'd like to see more depth in, variety tends to die with it. The game at this point is not suited just for vassal wars, and so far has been made to show warring kingdoms.

    revolutions mod, etc, is great - how about robinhoods that target powerful factions to curb their spread? or entire towns simply going mutiny and going rebel forcing a faction to retake it, weakening their overall forces.

    Being worked on :smile:
  9. Lets talk snowballing and campaign combat AI.

    Let me shameleslly advertise my revolutions mod, which you can customise as to never see snowballing again, or let it continue as it was.

    I think each campaign should have randomly generated lucky nations which grow, but do not snowball quickly. That way a different faction would dominate each playthrough.

    I don't like the idea of interlocked relationships (aside from a few) as they tend to make the game more bland imo. I think each playthrough should be a bit different.

    I think we need to see a bit of CK2 dynamics - events which can cause collapse of a nation upon king's death or something like that, which would cause a split into minor nations.

    There is a revolt mechanic that's not used yet, so we will certainly see something like that eventually.
  10. SP Native Revolutions - towns can revolt!

    Thank you sir.
    Added localisation support and Russian language support :smile:
  11. BL Coding Mod localisation

    Hello, I'd like to add proper localisation to my mod. To do this, I looked at how the ModuleData stuff is handled. I created a global_strings.xml with just one reference. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <base xmlns:xsi=""...
  12. SP Other Custom settlements patcher

    @Kommissar It will work just fine. Whatever one of the mods is run first will create a backup and whatever mod is shut down first will restore the original files from the backup. You can use as many mods as you want in parallel using this patcher.

    But which settlements will appear? Those of both mods, or only whichever is loaded last?
  13. SP Other Custom settlements patcher

    This is really valuable! What happens when two mods try to add settlements using your patcher?
  14. SP Native Revolutions - towns can revolt!

    Is is possible to release a localization file for translating? This is also a great mod, thank you.

    I'll look at how localisations are done in a couple of days, and will release the files.
  15. SP Native Revolutions - towns can revolt!

    The game crashes as I try to help out the garison.

    Here is the photo:
    Download the new version and wait for two days. Stuck parties (that don't change numbers during a fight) will be removed.
  16. SP Native Revolutions - towns can revolt!

    The game crashes as I try to help out the garison.

    Here is the photo:

    Can you provide me with your save file please?
    I can't replicate it, as there is no crash for me. Tried to help four garrisons.
  17. Need More Info Main quest crashing when collecting banner pieces

    Turns out that it's tier 3 trade perk that causes this issue. I removed it with this character trainer, and now it works fine:
  18. Need More Info Main quest crashing when collecting banner pieces

    Can confirm, had exactly the same problem.
  19. Learning C# by making a mod for fun

    It won't be an easy road, but a very rewarding one. Best of luck, and should you have any questions about C#. fire away at my discord: kommissar#8990
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